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Some Junior Miners Are Going Up In Smoke

Back in the late 1990's after the Bre-X scandal, a lot of junior's were finding themselves with super low gold and silver prices and investors kind of turned off with metals. Some of these juniors proceeded to re-invent themselves into the tech and dot com boom that going on at the time. It seemed at the time that getting into whatever investors were chasing was the only way to survive. Today with a stagnant metals market and investors chasing everything but metal plays, a lot of these juniors are getting into legalized grow ops of pot. Some of these companies have seen there stock prices become 10 baggers overnight. Stocks sitting at 1 cent are seeing 25 cents, 50 cents and higher. LW Capital did a 1:5 rollback and then did an IPO and re-named itself Tweed TWD and then saw it's stock shot from 2 cents to almost 5 bucks in a matter of days. How long any of this will last and how many of these juniors will survive as pot growers is anyones guess. If your thinking of dabbling in these pot stocks I would stick with any juniors that are still hooked into the metals and mining and are just doing the pot thing as a way of diverification.

When it comes to diversifacation, Bayhorse Silver BHS is company that is looking at getting involved in the marijuana business but with a different twist. Bayhorse does not wish to be a grower but wishes to become a provider of services for the grow op industry offering services such as labs, growing equipment, buildings, permitting etc.

Other companies that are in the mining business but looking into grow ops are West Point Resources WPOSatori Resources BUD and Westar Resources WER. It will be only a matter of time before one knows which companies will be able to survive. For those who have access to capital and investors and get a foot in the door, they should be able to do OK. At this point in time there is still a lot of legal mumble jumble and differences between jurisdictions.

Spring time brings a slow down to winter drilling and the Athabasca Basin is in a slow down at the moment so uranium stocks are not quite as active as they were just a few short weeks ago. However spring time brings the start of summer drill programs and news was just out this past few days about North American Nickel NAN in Greenland. This year is going to be big! Two drill rigs and these rigs are now ooking to just how big that deposit they been drilling into for the past two years realy is. Some talk says it could very well be just a big or even bigger that Voisy's Bay. NAN stock has been trading higher each day now and is just under the 40 cent mark.

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