modern day gold rush happening right now in 2016

Did You Know, There's A Gold Rush Going On Right Now !!

Lot's of folks have been tuning into "Gold Rush" the series lately. Whether it's the Gold Rush show or the Yukon Gold show or the Bering Sea Gold show, everyone is loving it and these TV shows are becoming real hits. This goes to prove that history does repeat it's self. You see back about 80 years ago Wall Street collapsed in 1929. Kind of like today. Broken banks equaled broken people. Back then, much like today, business shut down, working folks lost their jobs, lost their homes, families, health and the list goes on and on. Difference was back then the Klondike gold rush was still fresh in many minds. That gold rush had been in the headlines and front pages around the world just a mere 20 years earlier. Of course back then people weren't bombarded with information like today so big events like the Klondike gold rush were most likely remembered quite well.

So back then, just like now, people were pushed into having to make choices and decisions. People back then had no unemployment, no welfare, no nothing really, so the only choices they had were to pack up and move to wherever there might be a job or a place to stay. Lots of workers migrated to the farming areas of the country and worked as farm labours. Many did this just for a place to sleep and food. Other took up trapping and living off the land. Still others, the brave and bold and adventureous ones, they headed off to the hills in the back country to work the creeks. Many of these people made fortunes, others not.

Today it's really no different then it was 80 years ago. The bold, brave and savvy person who knows the values of gold against modern currency knows and understands that there still can be a fortune made gold mining. Of course one can loose everything also in this venture as we see in the TV show of "Gold Rush". With gold at historic highs almost every man and his dog is grabbing up land for exploration purposes. Everyone has gold fever and there really is a gold rush going on. Some call it a modern day gold rush but in reality this gold rush we are having today is what real gold miners call a Silent gold rush. You see gold has been going up for 15 years now. Back in 2001 the price of gold bottomed out at $260. Back then you couldn't give gold mines away. That was when the real savvy gold miners when in and staked up the best claims on some of the best producing creeks in the world. After all, why not? Nobody else wanted them. For them the rest is history. Now that gold has climbed well over a $1000 and there really is no end in sight and some gold buffs are calling for $5000 gold or more, the real miners are sitting on fortunes.

So what happens to the rest of the people? The ones who were too late to come to the gold fields, the ones who were late in seeing the signs of the times, the ones the true miners call, "the Johnny come latelys". Is there any hope for them? Well just like all the gold rush before there is always a chance for them. Always a chance for a few die hards to make it big or at least make a living. Just like the actors of "Gold Rush" you just need to learn the ropes. They lost out right off the bat because they did not have have their own ground. They were having to option their claims from someone else. But this is not a bad thing either. You see there are a lot of "Savvy gold miners" who have staked up miles upon miles of creek and will never in a million years be able to mine it all out. The second thing to keep in mind is that a lot of these "Savvy gold miners" is that a lot of them are old gold bugs from the last run up in gold back in 1980 when gold sky rocketed to $800. There was a big gold rush going on back then also and a lot of the miners that staked up ground never mined their claims. (Kind of reminds you of the housing bubble???) Now that gold prices are sky high again, these old gold miners are finding themselves too old to mine. These are the miners to talk to about optioning or even buying a claim or two from them. You will find that a lot of them are selling their claims right now also because of health or the need to update equipment.


How To Find Your Fortune In This Gold Rush

A lot of people think or feel that the only way to make it really big in a gold rush is to be pulling out tons of gold everyday. But the fact is that about 99% of the people out there know very little about gold in the first place. They think you need to be pulling out buckets of gold to make a go of it. Truth of the matter is that it only take a table spoon to equal an ounce of gold. So just one table spoon can be worth thousands of dollars. Depending on how you mine whether it be by hand or machine a little bit of gold can go a very long way. This alone can be rewarding to your pocket book. It can be very rewarding for your health as the work alone is very physical and out doors. A gold miner once told me that working the creeks so not so much about the money but it was a way of life. Living the gold miners life can be very rewarding in a lot of ways.

Some of the most money every made in gold rushes was not even made from mining. Once word is out about a gold rush, it's not just the miners who jump into action. Merchants of all descriptions make headway to get in on the act. It's the people who sell the picks and shovels that make it big also. Levi Strauss who invented Levis was one of those people. He saw that gold miners in California needed a good pair of work pants and set out to make his mark. Levi became a millionaire. In the Klondike a piano player took a piano all the way to Dawson City. It was the only piano in the territory. He played all day, all night. Any song for a dollar. He too became a millionaire.

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