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Questioning The Silver Market

Something seems out of whack in the silver market. Earlier this summer when silver prices were flirting with that $30 an oz pricing, you read all over the internet that physical silver was out of supply. If you wanted to buy physical silver you had to pay up front and then be put in queue for an order being that there just wasn't the silver available.

Fast forward a few months to today and you find silver prices sitting in the $24 region (down about $6 an oz) and you still hear of orders for silver still waiting to be filled. I'm talking about physical rounds in coins here. But what is most surprising is what I found over at the US Mint official website.

Below is a screenshot for the very common silver eagle 1 ounce round. Just a plain un-circulated silver coin. What's strange though is the not only the $67 price tag, but also the fact that it is currently unavailable.

Years ago back in around 2005-2009 I was involved in a silver subscription program. At that time we paid about $2-3 over spot. As prices rose towards $45 the spread did increase but nothing like you see here on the mint website.

My question here is why? Why the price and why the wait? I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here but it still begs the question.

Do governments or those in the silver markets know something is going to happen to the metals or silver in general? There is a lot of talk about a global reset right now and there are rumors that the metals will play a part in the financial end of things being as something has to be done about all the global debt that is being printed these days.

Anyhow, just thought I'd throw this out there. Some of you may find it interesting. Others may not. I know I do.

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