Year in review 2015

Year End Wrap Up 2015

This will be my last write up for the year here. Being as I like to look for those undervalued juniors that will give me the best return for dollar invested, I would like to take a quick look at some of the junior miners that we talked about and see how they have performed throughout the year. Some of them have done quite well as you will see, while others have not.

Back in February we talked about Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. PGD. At that time of writing the stock was at 19 cents. By the end of april the stock hit a high of 38 cents. That was a 100% return. Today however the stock is just 14 cents.

In March we took a look at Western Lithium WLC. The stock had just spiked on news and a favourable outlook. The stock price was 70 cents. Today the stock price has settled out around the 30 cent mark although it did flirt with the $1 mark a couple of different times throught out the year.

In May we looked at Sabina Gold & Silver SBB which was 41 cents at the time. Today the stock price is 77 cents.

We also tok at look at Bit Gold XAU in September. Bit Gold or Gold Money is a gold trading platform where transactions are performed using real gold bullion. At the time of writing the stock price was $4.77. Today the stock has been pushed down somewhat to $3.90.

In May we looked at Canadian Zinc CZN. The stock price was 19 cents. Throught out the summer the stock fell all the way down to 6 cents. Today the stock has rebounded back to the 12 cent mark. This is still a stock to watch as it is followed by several analysts and news letter writers.

Looking forward into the new year I am looking very keen on the lastest junior we have here. That is New Carolin Gold Corp. LAD with their Ladner Gold Project. With a stock price of only 4 cents this is just to undervalued to ignore. When you look at what the company has going for it, it makes for one of those stocks to watch. In my own research I was watching Jay Taylor talk about this play and back in 1982 the company that held this property saw it's share price at $60 a share. Just too many positives for this junior for me to ignore. I have that video on the website and you can view that video here.

In closing I would like to wish everyone the best of the season and the very best in the coming new year.

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