Advertising & Promotion On To Post A Classified FOR SALE Ad - Click Here To Buy Banner Ad Space, Keep Reading Right now we are listed on the very first few pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing. More and more people are typing in the keywords, junior miner, junior miners, junior mining companies, etc. And there we are on pages 1-7. Juniorminers no longer does any banner ads. We only do newsletter ads or full article advertising along with the newsletters. We have found over the years that customers do not get good value from banner ads. People just don't click. Best value and best money spent is to the subscriber base and full length articles.  

Newsletter Ads $295 gives you a small write up in the monthly newsletter and includes links to your article or contact or lead capture page.  

Being A Featured Miner $950 gives you a full page write up on the website with adverts in the monthly newsletter which includes links to your company website, Investor Relations person or wherever you wish. Your featured write up is send out once a month for two months. Please take note that we use PayPal as a payment processor. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and will issue a receipt for payment.

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