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  • Metal Detectors Direct Richard has been metal detecting for the last 5 years, he uses this website to help anybody starting out and reviews the latest models on the market.
  • Lost Mines An ever growing site of shortstories about old mines, lost and forgotten mines, buried treasures and ghosttowns from all around the world.
  • Eye Wash Solution Don't get caught with bad stuff in your eyes. Learn how to clean out your eye and take care of your eyes with the correct eye wash solution.
  • Backhoe Guide An online guide to the backhoes and backhoe equipment.
  • Best Wood Stoves Here's your online guide to what the best wood stoves are and which one would be right for your home and family.
  • Mr Metal Detector Mr Metal Detector is a site that is dedicated to reviewing quality metal detectors. The site is run by John, and his goal is to help people find the best metal detector to suit their needs, experience level and budget.
  • Geology for Investors Exclusive evaluations and opinion of junior mining company press releases and projects. Plus a free knowledge base of articles on exploration geology and geological methods written with the non-professional in mind.
  • Stormwater Treatment At Echelon Environmental, we strive to do our part for the environment by providing strategically engineered solutions for a variety of applications, including Stormwater, Wastewater, CSO, Odour Control, Rainwater Harvesting and LID technologies.
  • Excavators & Backhoes Compare excavators and backhoes. Track excavators. Rubber tire backhoe. Cat, Hitatchi, Kubota, Bobcat, JCB, John Deere back hoes.
  • Bullion Baron Interesting blog from Australia about metals and junior mining company.
  • Tractor Trailers Big mining trucks and tri drive transport truck information. Ice roads.
  • Mad Trapper Story of Albert Johnson and other prospecting stories.
  • Gold Stock Center Comprehensive investment news and resource portal pertaining to gold mining stocks and the gold market.
  • 321 Great informative site on gold and precious metals. Lots of commentaries and just all around good reading.
  • Bullion Vault Buy gold bullion online in realtime. Get a free gram of gold to start.

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