Looking For An Undervalued Silver Junior?

Over the last few months it seems that I have been noticing a lot more articles, videos and write ups about a coming silver boom. Maybe I watch to many conspiracy videos but either way you look at it, silver is one of the most undervalued commodities on the planet. I did an article just a bit ago talking about this same topic and decided that this may be a good time to search out an undervalued silver junior for the long haul. After all if silver goes to $1000 an ounce like some people say, it would be nice to have piece of the pie and the bigger the piece the better.

Of course right now pretty much all the silver miners stock prices are at 52 week lows or shall I say "all time lows". So being able to pick up stock for a longer term hold as in say a couple years, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to bargains. One of these stocks that could possibly be added to a list while I was searching is Klondike Silver KS which is a junior silver explorer that has vast amounts of properties in kootenay region of British Columbia.

Klondike Silver's main property is in the Slocan Mining Camp which is over one hundred
square kilometres in size and is owned by the company 100% royalty free. Their property contains over 58% of the historical silver
producing mines in the Slocan Silver Camp. This silver camp has produced over 40 million troy ounces of silver and even though this property has produced these great amounts of silver, there still is many areas of this camp left to explore.

Top 10 Silver Past-Producing Mines within the Klondike Silver Claim Block

During 2017 the company spent most of its time doing rehabilitaion work on different portals along with GPS work, mapping and survey work in preparations for continued drilling and exploration. Work for 2018 will entail, some proposed underground drifting and diamond drilling from the extensions of the Silvana and Carnation workings.
They will also continue to compile and combine historical data into the 3D model and continue to upgrade the mine and mill infrastructure in preparation of commencement of operations, possibly within the 2018 year.

So getting back to bargain part of the article I would like to mention first off I have not looked into any of the financials of the company at all. This fast look is a just a quick overview only.

The stock price as of January 10, 2018 is 5 cents and the company has about 110 million shares out. While I was looking at the chart I noticed that over the past year the stock had a high of just 11 cents and that was almost a year ago. However once I expanded the time line all the way back to 2006 I noticed that the stock was at one time right around the $16 dollar range. At first I was quite surprised that the stock price could have been that high so I checked a few other charting sites and found that the price had in fact been $16 a share. Since 2011 however the stock has been languishing well under a dollar. Both lead and zinc prices are up year over year and are poised for more upside. The question remains if and when the price of silver goes up, and how high, what effect will that have for the stock price of Klondike Silver if any? Of course I'm not here to tell anyone to buy or not because I am not allowed to but if you are like me looking for an undervalued silver miner, do your own due diligence as there could be some good possibilities if and when the silver price does get moving this year.

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Heres Is A Real producing Gold Miner

Canada is known around the world as the home of junior mining companies. The TSX stock exchange is home to some of the worlds largest miners and the Venture exchange is home to litterly thousands of small junior exploration publicly traded companies. Although most of these companies are exploring for metals and minerals in almost every country in the world, some have decided to just stay a home right here in Canada. After all, Canada is a very resource rich country and where better than to invest your money than right here at home.

One of these companies that are exploring and mining in Canada is Lake Shore Gold LSG. Lake Shore is a true gold mining company with active mines. The company has operations in (3) three multi-million ounce gold complexes located in the century-old Timmins Gold Camp in Northern Ontario. The Company is in commercial production at 2 of mines. These mines are the Timmins West and Bell Creek mines that include a 3000 ton per day central milling operation. There is also the third operation which is the Fenn-Gib open-pit project

Lake Shore Gold was formed in 2002 as an explorer for gold and base metals in the Canadian Shield. The Company was able to secure both the technical expertise and a portfolio of prospective mineral properties from the moment of its inception. Lake Shore focused its search initially in the gold camps of the Abitibi Belt and in western greenstone belts in the northwest of Ontario and western Quebec. Through its early acquisition of the Timmins West Gold Property, the Company quickly established itself as an aggressive junior exploration company holding an interest in a defined high-grade resource.

During 2013 the Timmins West Mine produced 107,100 ounces and the Bell Creek Mine produced 27,500 ounces. The company has 416 million shares out standing and trades on both the TSX and NYSE. In 2011 the share price was over $4. Recent articles in the Globe and Mail and elsewhere point to exceptional value and growth in Lake Share Gold. The stock is well followed by various analysts also. Lake Shore Gold. A true Canadain gold miner.

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What's Up With The Trading In Levon Resources?

Friday trading saw Levon Resources LVN stock pop 37% on almost 5 million shares trading hands. No news by the company although there was a write up by the Nation Inflation Association about how they felt the stock was undervalued. According to the article, Levon holds a 100% interest in Mexico's second largest undeveloped silver resource with an indicated silver equivalent resource of 423.5 million ounces, and LVN/LVNVF is currently trading with an enterprise value of only $0.054 per indicated ounce of silver equivalent! This is by far the lowest valuation for a major silver resource.

This is not the first time that LVN has been discussed on this website. Back on December 10, 2012 we mentioned LVN as a promising silver miner because of the 100%-owned, 20,000-hectare (49,400-acre) Cordero Project in northwest Mexico. Cordero represents an outstanding and rapidly-growing target for porphyry silver, gold, zinc and lead. Cordero's first NI 43-101 resource was announced in June 2011 and included 310M oz silver, 900,000 oz gold, 5.3B lbs zinc and 2.9B lbs lead.

So is it now time to buy into LVN? The stock could very well see more upside but whenever we see parobolic charts like the one above there is always that threat of a fast fall. Keep an eye on this as it could very well base itself for the next leg up. Once silver prices rebound, stocks like this are the stocks to be in.

North American Nickel NAN keeps climbing. No news yet on any of the drilling but it should not be too much longer. Maybe in a week or so we will get an update. The stock acts like there is good news. Even with low volumes the stock keep heading north. This week it closed on a new high of 62 cents. A lot of people are up 100% plus, infact YTD the stock is up about 170% and we still got a summer of results and assays coming our way.

Last write up I talked about PC Gold PKL. Looking at a 1 year chart we see a potential cup & handle formation starting. The stock closed up 1/2 cent on Friday to 8.5 cents. Looking a depth there is still some over hang on the ask side but with any amount of more positive news, those asks can dissappear quite fast.

Time to buy into Noront NOT ? The Rim Of Fire explorer had a bit of a sell off in the last week and a bit. Although the stock fell hard there was a nice retracement toward the end of the week.

Thats it for this week. It's been a short trading week with Canada day on Tuesday and the July 4th in the USA yesterday. I guess we officially start the summer doldrums now.

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Looking For Hot Stocks?

Uranium stocks. That's what is hot and more specific is the stock of the players in the Athabasca Basin. These stocks have been on a real tear and are in the news almost daily. Seems it wasn't that long ago that uranium was a bad word, but now investors can't quite get enough of it. Some players like Fission FCU are seeing trading volumes in the millions on a daily basis. They have also seen their share prices up 30% + since the beginning of the year and winter drill programs are just getting started. Fission has several drills running in this region and has recorded some off the charts readings.

Fission is not the only player in this region. A lot of the other players have also seen their shares prices take off. NexGen NXE who has a large land package right beside Fission's Patterson Lake project has also turned out some spectacular results. NexGen is currently on a two drill, 6000 meter hole program. Just last month the company drilled 26.2 meters of highly anomalous radioactivity.

Other companies involved in the latest rush for uranium are Forum Uranium FDC, UEX Corp UEX, Denison Mines DML along with a few new comers such as Alpha Exploration AEX.

the key thing to keep in mind with these plays is that there is a high degree of risk but there is also a high degree of big time pay off. Some of the companies could very well drill up the right stuff and be primed for a take over by the likes of Cameco CCO whish too has seen it's share price take off almost 20% in the last few trading sessions alone. The stock is now at 52 week highs of $27 and change.

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Exploring For Lithium

Today we are going to take a look at a junior miner who is exploring for rare earths in Ontario Cananda. Houston Lake Mining HLM Houston Lake is a specialized mining exploration company
actively engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of hard rock, high grade, rare metal resource properties with focus on lithium and tantalum.

Lithium is used a lot today in batteries that power all the techno gadgets we use like laptops, tablets, phones and all that other good stuff todays consumers can't seem to live without. Lithium comes from brines and also hard rock pegmatites. Most lithium brines come from Chile and Argentina and some from China. Australia produces the most lithium form hard rocks. Tantalum's main use today is in tantalum capacitors in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers.

At present the company is exploring for lithium and tantalum on it's 100% owned PAK Rare Metals Project in Ontario. Total area ofthis property is about 3,584 hectares. HLM's PAK Rare Metals Project has a NI 43-101 Resource Estimate as of December 4, 2013. Houston Lakes properties hosts 6.89 million tonnes grading at 1.86% Li2O equivalent(eq.) in the inferred category and 1.17million tonnes grading 3.44% Li2O in technical/ceramic grade lithium.

The company issued a news release on Sept. 2 stating that a drill hole had intersected 1.68% Li2O over 104 metre (m) from 9.1m to 104.75 m. This included a 12.8 m wide high-grade lithium zone averaging 4.01% Li2O from 35 to 47.8 m. Assays are still pending from additional holes drilled this season.

Houston Lake has around 75 million shares O/S at present. The stock has seen a nice rally isince mid August from a 5 cent level average to it's postion today of around 15 cents. For those looking to invest outside of the base and precious metals side of the market, Houston Lake and it's rare earth play may be something to consider.

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A Silver Junior In Mexico

If you like silver plays that have good potential, especially those that are working in Mexico, then here is a junior worth taking a close look at. I'm talking about Golden Goliath Resources GNG and their silver projects in the Ureuachic mining district in Chihuahua State, Mexico.

One of things that sets Golden Goliath apart from most juniors in general is that the company's CEO, Paul Sorbara is a geologist whereas so many other juniors today have a CEO who is either a business person or a lawyer or accountant. Although they all have a geologist on staff whether it be contract or otherewise, this company's president is a geologist. The other factor that is a huge plus for Golden Goliath is that they have been active in this same area for almost 2 decades and own their properties 100%. In fact the company controls an entire old mining camp that covers an area of 15 by 25 kilometres, with numerous past producing gold and silver mines dating back to the time of the Spaniards.

Golden Goliath has eight properties within the historic mining camp located in the world Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of northwestern Mexico. This historic trend has produced approximately 40 million ounces of gold and up to 2 billion ounces of silver over the last 400 years and has become an area of global focus in the search for new precious metal deposits.
These properties are in the heart of the Ureuachic mining district in Chihuahua State, Mexico. One of GNG's largest properties (Nopalera) lies directly adjacent to an exciting new discovery by industry giant Fresnillo PLC called Orisyvo, which already has a resource of 9.8 million ounces of gold and 13 million ounces of silver. GNG's property has similar geology and alteration and has yet to be diamond drilled. The discovery has also focused the attention of the mining community to the district as many believe that Orisyvo will end up being the largest gold mine in Mexico.

In November 2015, GNG signed an option agreement with FresNillo PLC allowing them to option several of GNG's properties in the district. The terms include cash payments totaling $3 million and assumption of all assessment and tax liabilities. This was a good move by management because it frees up much needed capital and still allows the company an interest in the properties.

Of all the properties that Golen Goliath has, the San Timoteo property is the most interesting. Just a few days ago, July 12, 2016 the compnay issued a press release stating that the program to analyze clay minerals was completed and with a 3-D modeling of clay mineralogy, this will help to aid in the planning of future drill holes. Based on the results of the current program, the company's geological team has been working on designing a follow-up drill program. This program would involve a review and interpretation of existing geochemical, geophysical and geological data in light of the new clay mineralogy work, followed by a total of 18 drill holes totalling approximately 5,100 metres.

Golden Goliath has just over 100 million shares O/S. With a 52 week high of 14 cents and low of just 1/2 cent the stock at this time is at 8 cents.

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Real Gold In The Klondike

Whenever we hear of Dawson City or the Yukon we think about placer mining and all about the Klondike gold rush of 1898. Placer mining still takes place each and every year in the region and the lure of gold is so great that there are even a couple of TV shows ( Gold Rush & Yukon Gold ) now that are dedicated to placer mining in the Yukon. It's a region that is rich in history and gold and with new technology and public markets, there is a now a new group of players looking at exploring this region.

Companies like Kaminak Gold KAM and Atac ATC are just a couple of companies that have been in the news lately. We've talked earlier in this same section about Kaminak and most recently when they put out news regarding a feasabilty study on their Coffee project and getting additional backing from some big lenders. But today I would like to talk about a small almost unheard of company that has a dynamic portfolio of land in this region of the Yukon. The company in question is Gold Strike Resources GSR.

This season Gold Strike GSR is working on it's Plateau South claims. Initial drilling on the VG zone in 2013 intersected a blind, gold-mineralized shoot 3.25 metres below surface, with visible gold in three of eight drill holes, and a best intersection grading 7.60 grams per tonne gold over 9.03 metres, including 14.58 grams per tonne over 4.0 metres, and the zone remains open. Grab and channel samples assayed up to 15.45 ounces per ton have been obtained along the 25 kilometre
Yellow Giant Trend that includes the VG, Goldbank and Goldstack zones. On the Lucky Strike gold prospect in the White Gold District, a program of mechanical
trenching, ground magnetics, and prospecting, mapping and geochemical sampling is planned to
further advance the property and define additional drill targets.

What sets Gold Strike apart from other junior explorers is that it is also has a JV with a small oil producer, Petro One POP which has been in the news in the last month. Petro One has seen a very large financing with a Korean firm allowing Petro One to expand and continue proving it's land base in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Just today, Gold Strike issued a press release stating that the company had retained the service of a Korean advisor to solicit expressions of interest from Korean-based firms for an agreement to fund a multi-year exploration and development program on the Plateau South mineral property in the Yukon territory.

Gold Strike has about 70 million shares O/S with a 52 week high of 28 cents and a low of 4 cents. Trading volumes have increased in the last few weeks and with news today that is similar to what Petro One had there very well could be a lot of excitment in the stock in the weeks to come. Petro One has seen a 200% pop in it's share price.

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Guyana's Next Producing Gold Mine

During the long grinding bear market phase for the junior exploration sector many companies were forced to give up on projects that held great potential. These projects are now being recycled into new ventures that are better positioned to carry the ball. Gold has been showing more vigor of late and recently achieved a new yearly high above $1300. This could be the start of a new bull phase and thus may be an ideal time for a gold explorer with a solid project to be active.

Guyana Goldstrike Inc. GYA is an emerging junior explorer that has speculative appeal in the current market environment. The company recently secured a purchase option to control 100% ownership of the Marudi Gold property in Guyana by issuing shares, plus a staged payment plan amounting to $775,000. I believe this deal was a bargain for several reasons.

Marudi is an advanced project that has seen historic exploration work going back more than 50 years, by several previous operators. More than $30 million in historic exploration work has been completed, targeting various gold showings on the property area. This includes 125 drill holes amounting to over 40,000 meters of diamond drilling. The previous work contributed to the discovery a significant gold deposit with several other development sites, representing a head start towards the ultimate goal of establishing a serious candidate for mine development.

In addition, extensive soil sampling and trenching work has identified numerous targets that were never tested with a modern drill program. Analysis of sample material has indicated that the coarse gold present near surface has not been transported far from its geologic source. This is very important as it suggests the potential for a larger discovery zone in the bedrock nearby.

In 1996 an NI43-101 report provided by Kilborn outlined 390,000 ounces of gold averaging 2.8 gpt from the main "open pit" deposit site. Further exploration since 2000 expanded the historic gold estimate to 760,000 ounces. This revised total is not yet compliant with NI43-101 reporting standards.

Another attractive element to this story is the recurring cash flow that is being generated through a royalty agreement with small scale local miners that are active on the property. The company reported in June that this arrangement has already contributed a significant windfall as its share of that gold production amounted to net proceeds of US$106,490. Guyana Goldstrike anticipates that similar royalty payments will be due each quarter, representing 10% of all gold production from the local operators.

The ability of a crude, small scale mining approach to generate significant gold output from just the near surface alluvial zone is a testament to the prolific gold endowment of this district. The weathered soil horizon near surface is estimated to contain more than 50,000 ounces of gold in the soft saprolite overburden, and there is the potential for half a million ounces or more just held within this zone.

What is clear at this point is that numerous gold showings have been identified across much of the twelve square kilometer property area, encountered near surface and with the prospect for development to enable low cost gold mining if a larger deposit area is proven up. Guyana Goldstrike has retained MineIT Consulting group to assist with compiling a database of all the previous exploration data, and presenting an updating geological model to interpret new target areas that have the best potential for further discovery success.

It is the established presence of hard rock gold deposit areas further to depth that has captured the imagination of the geologists to move this project forward. A thorough exploration program (trenching and drilling) is set to commence within months that will follow up on some of the higher grade intervals from previous work, with the objective to confirm historic assay data, and to expand on the discovery areas already in hand. The ambitious target from this work is to define a NI43-101 compliant gold resource of more than 1 million ounces in the first year.

Given that extensive infrastructure is already in place at Marudi, including road access right through the project area and a functional base camp, an extensive drill program may still be completed on a reasonable budget in Guyana. The company has already secured a mining license and permitting to enable the work to kick off, and the project is suitable for year-round access and exploration activity.

A final point of importance to this story is that Guyana itself may be considered underexplored at this point. The Guiana Shield is an attractive and well documented gold bearing district with geological characteristics similar to West Africa. As more work is carried out in the country and new high profile gold discoveries are reported, it is likely that Guyana will become much more appealing to investors as a premium district and that too will help to support a higher market valuation for companies like Guyana Goldstrike.

When adding in the value of the regular cash flow coming in, plus the upside potential for several new discovery highlights that may be outlined in the year ahead, there is a good case to be made for a speculative position right now in this emerging gold junior.

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Gold Found Here


Most junior mining companies in the world are located in Canada. In fact some of the largest miners are Canadian companies. Companies like Barrick Gold, Teck, Eldorado, which are known the world over got started right here in Canada. One of the reasons is because Canada itself is the largest country in the world by land mass and is stuffed full of resources. From coast to coast you will find resources play a big roll in the country. Whether it be mining and minerals, oil and gas, pulp and timber, Canada has it all.

So it should come as no surprise that even though we find a lot of these small companies scattered around the world looking for the next big deposit, that some of these companies have decided to stay right here in Canada and explore and develope. A lot of these companies however have become forgotten over the past few years as the price of gold, silver and other metals have gone down. Lack of funding equals less exploration which in turn equals less interest.

However since the start of the year there seems to be a renewed interest in the metals and that includes a lot of the juniors mining stocks. While the DJIA has lost about 6% and most other stock exchanges are the same, gold is up over 7% YTD and we are just through the first month of the year. Looking at these figures we see a definate trend of new money going into junior mining stocks. There are lot of these companies that are trading for 1 and 2 cents but have values double, triple or even quadruple that just in cash values alone. Soem of these stocks have been totally inactive for months if not years are starting to get active. Trading volumes are increasing and trading volumes are responding to news whereas a year or so ago even the best of news would only bring a yawn.

An example would be the news that came out yesterday for New Carolin Gold Corp. LAD where the comany is having their terms for a 100% ownership of the Ladner Gold project ammended. This may not seem like big news on the surface but read between the lines and you will see that the company will own 100% of the rights to 144 sq km of prime gold property just outside of Vancouver BC. That news sent the stock almost back to it's 52 week high with close to 6 million shares trading hands.

Then today more news came out stating: Further to the press release on the morning of Feb. 3, 2016, New Carolin Gold Corp. will increase its financing as follows: The company will cap this financing with the issuance of up to 26.25 million units in its capital stock for gross proceeds and consideration of up to $1,312,500 in a combination of flow-through units and non-flow-through units, a drilling services contract, and a settlement of $225,000 related to an unpaid drill program carried out in 2012.

No news that I can find but for some reason Decade Resources DEC was very active today also. Stock price up a full cent to 2.5 cents. Decade has a work program going on in the Stewart Bc area. There are rumors of good assays and news but we shall see how thing unfold with this small Canadian player.

For those of us who like to trade out these penny mining stocks, who knows, maybe it's starting to be happy day are here again.

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