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Right now we are listed on the very first few pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing. More and more people are typing in the keywords, junior miner, junior miners, junior mining companies, etc. And there we are on pages 1-7.

In order to keep our web pages somewhat tidy and give our advertisers value for their money, we will limit the amount of logos per page to a maximum of 8 smaller logos and only 1 (one) larger 468X60 banners / logos per page.

If you purchase a large 468X60 logo space your logo/banner will be placed right at the top of the page (where our bright green banner is on this page) of your choice. This also allows your company to be a featured advertiser on that page.

All smaller logos will be placed in the column on either side of the page of your choice. Static images are preferred but we do accept .swf formatts.

Below is a description of logos and rates for each logo. Just email us with your logo attached specifying the page/pages you wish to be posted. We'll handle the rest.

Text Link Ads Either Side Of Page. $50.00 per mth.

Just email us your text ad link and URL telling us which page and side of page. Pay monthly using PayPal subscription. Most ads will appear within 24-48 hours of emailing PST but please allow a bit extra on weekends for text ad links to appear.
We will contact you once your link is active and at that time set up a monthly subscription.

Banner Ads

Small banners or logos up to 230 wide.
$100.00 per month.

Home page, Classifieds page or Mining Stock Talk page
$250.00 per month.

Large Banner Ads

Large banners up to 468 wide.
$70.00 per month.

For the Home page, Classifieds page, Junior Companies Main page or Mining Stock Talk page
The rates are $300.00 per month.
These are high traffic pages that are well indexed and act as landing pages via search engines.

Home Page Has 1 Spot Open.
Classifieds page has 0 spot open.
Mining Stock Talk page has 1 spot open.
Mining Companies main index page has 1 spot open.

Newsletter Ads

$200 gives you a small write up in the monthly newsletter and includes links to your article or contact or lead capture page.

Being A Featured Miner

$750 gives you a full page write up on the website with adverts in the monthly newsletter which includes links to your company website, IR person or wherever you wish. Your featured write up is send out twice over two months. Monthly rates can be negotiated also. More information is posted here.

Please take note that we use PayPal as a payment processor. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and will issue receipt for payment.

How To Contact Us
Mailing Address:
Box 428
Atlin BC.
V0W1A0 Canada

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