If you are a junior mining CEO or involved with a junior company, I don't have to tell you that since 2012 the mining market has been a real bummer for junior mining stocks. The market has not been been nice, investors have not been nice and world wide it seems that everyone is against any sort of mine development. Worse yet is trying to get your stock price up to raise additional funds without having to going through a bunch of dilution of your stock. Add all this up plus the fact that there are over 2000 other juniors out there just like you looking for those same investment dollars and you can really start to feel bogged down.

You can have one of the finest projects out there but if no one knows about you or your company or your stock, your not going anywhere these days. It's a fast paced world and investor attention is very short and getting your message to those potential investors is key!

That's where JUNIORMINERS.COM can help. We've been online since 2007 and since that time we've gotten to know what works and what doesn't. We'll go through all your information and do up an easy to read and easy to understand presentation. Unlike a press release that is peppered with big technical words and forgotten 5 minutes after it has been read, (if it's even been read ...) our presentations are a bit more user friendly and that presentation stays on the website for the length of your agreed term. After that, the same presentation is posted away in a live archive section. The JUNIORMINERS.COM growing subscriber base gets to know about you and your project as well as the 4-500 people who visit this website each day.

But I don't work alone here! I'm connected to a team of professional marketers who know brokers, private investors and have email subscriber lists thicker than most phone books. Our team of marketers know the in's and out's of the market, are well connected and they are available to meet up and speak to you in person and discuss all your marketing and promotional needs.

So whether your looking for a quick email blast, a week, a month or even longer of a promotion, get in touch with JUNIORMINERS.COM and see what we can do for you.

Contact: Gregg Adams
Email: support@juniorminers.com

At present time JUNIORMINERS.COM is involved with helping in the promotion of the following junior mining companies.

Nexus Gold Corp
Our work with nexus Gold started the last week of August 2016. The work we will be doing is multiple articles and sending out news to the subscribers as well as attracting new potential investors to this company. The majority of the work will focus on the company's Burkino Faso gold project.

Below are some of the junior companies that Juniorminers.com was involved with in helping out doing online promotions.

Blue River Resources
This campaign just started the last part of August 2016 and lasted until November of 2016. Our team has been hired to help promote the company's new placer gold project in Cambodia as well as let investors know about the company's copper projects in BC and Washington state. Promotion consisted of online articles and subscriber based mailings. During the time of our promotions the stock price doubled and trading volumes more than tripled.

Secova Metals
Our work started mid October 2016 and ended early December 2016. Work enatiled emailing subscribers and also doing a feature page about the upcoming drill program of the Duvay Gold project in Quebec.

Silver Spruce Resources
We started work promoting Silver Spruce the first week of September 2016. Work will entail emailings and feature presentations to raise investor awareness.

Cyprium Mining
Our work for Cyprium Mining started the last week of August 2016. Our work entailed emailing and updating subscribers of news and writing articles of interest about the company and it's ongoing developement of the Potosi Mine in Mexico.

New Carolin Gold
Our New Carolin Gold promotion started in February of 2016 and ran until June of 2016. During that time mailings were sent out and news releases were posted along with multiple articles relating to the Ladner Gold project. The stock price ran from 5 cents to a high of 15 cents in May seeing a 200% increase. Trading volumes more than quadrupled during that time.

Redstar Gold Corp.
Redstar Gold was a short promotion were we sent out emailings and told investors about the company's Unga Alaska project. The stock ran from 5 cents in the beginning of July to a high of 17 cents in August during the two month term.

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