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"NIMBY'S" - The New World Purveyors Of Fear & Selfishness

Was reading a good article by Casey's about how the enviromental movement in the world today is right on course with shutting the world down. Everywhere you look and hear there are a bunch of do gooders that are out to make life misserable for others. Case in point is the news from Romania about the Rosia Montana mine that is for all intents and purpose a "no go". The company Gabriel Resources GBU has been...continue.

When Stocks Just Don't Perform

Buying stocks whether it be mining stocks, tech stocks, blue chip industrials or what have you, the underlying issue is for the investor to make money. In order to make money you need to go long as in buy low and sell high or take a short postion on stock and hope it drops further. It seems like the old way of buy and hold strategy just doesn't seem to work any more. Low priced stocks just...continue.

Miners With and Without Money

What is the most rare thing in the world? How about a miner with money? Everyday we read about all the broke miners who can't get any financing and are having to get taken over or JV their projects. Everyone thinks it's just the little junior that is having a tough go but this past week kind of revealed some interesting stories about Barrick Gold ABX trying to raise...continue.

Just Like Walmart, We're Rolling Back

Just like Walmart, some of these junior miners want to do the roll back too. Problem is it is not always great for those who have already been a consumer of the company stock. I am not sure what to think about companies that start the old rolling back of 1:5 or 1:10 share basis. You have a 2 cent stock that ends up being a 10 cent stock but the treasury is still empty and the stocks starts...continue.

Is This A CDNX Rebound?

North American Nickel NAN has their second set of assays out in a news release this week. Grades as high as 4.6 % over a 10 meter length. The stock? Went down! I am not sure what it takes anymore to rally a crowd. Maybe 100% pure nickel? Had these results been out about 15 years ago when Voiseys Bay was in the news this stock would..continue.

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