Is The Gold Market And Gold Price Really Manipulated?

Anyone who follows the gold market these days is probably questioning why the price of gold is still so low. No sooner does it start a bit of climb and "whack" down it goes. There are always lots of conspiracy theories out there about manipulation by bullion banks and big money people but trying to find out the real truth on why gold is acting the way it is, one needs to get a bit of an inside perspective.

As someone who gold mines and runs this website, I have to be some sort of a gold bug. If I was a farmer I would love to see high grain prices so being a gold miner it is in my best interest to see high gold prices and of course lower input costs like fuel.

Anyhow, this video just came out this week, November 10 I think, between Greg Hunter and Craig Hemke. Craig who is a wall street veteran and trader knows the inside story and has some real interesting facts about why gold is acting the way it is. Craig also run a metals website. Once you watch this video though you just may come away with a totally different perpective on how the gold market works and the bit about conspiracy theories. I don't usually recommend vidoes but this one for me was a real eye opener. I hope you as readers find it the same.

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