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ESTATE SALE. Valdez Creek, Alaska

Note: Property is FOR SALE with possible LEASE OPTION

Parts of Gold Hill, Lucky Hill and Timberline Hill and Creek plus more. Major Gold, Silver and PGM deposits. POTENTIAL ore reserves into the Billions.

Property is in early stage development with several identified deposits. Included are (59) State claims—4,400 acres and (4) Federal claims—100 acres.

Included in this package, they will be GIFTED as a bonus (13) State Select claims-740 acre.

There are several old gold mines plus several new discoveries of gold & PGM with the potential for several large deposits. Open-pit lode and placer, underground lode (several). Excellent ore values with “drive to” access, mine-friendly area.

I want a professional mining firm to aggressively drill targets for mine development. Claims estimated value when gold was $900 to $1,000 per ounce was $5,000 per acre.

Ph: (907)748-5742

I am open to commercial offers or Joint Ventures .
This Property is FOR SALE with possible LEASE OPTION available.