Clarity Gold Corp

An Early Investment Opportunity With A Small Float

The junior miners website has a directory of junior mining companies. After cleaning out the ones that no longer exist and adding in the new ones that have started up, I think there is about 2400 public junior companies out there listed on various exchanges. A lot of these newer juniors are formed to take advantage of the higher gold and silver prices we are seeing lately and are out on the hunt for ground to explore that has potential. Then there are companies that get started already owning properties that have good upside potential to take advantage of these higher metal prices.

While most of these newer start ups seem to gravitate towards places that are hot like Red Lake Ontario region or BC's Golden Triangle, there are those companies who look tend to look for potential in the more un-noticed and un-known areas. Clarity Gold CSE-CLAR is one of those newer small juniors doing just that in British Columbia.

The company just start trading in June of 2020 but already had a property owned 100% under it's belt. This property is the Empirical Property which is the company's flagship property ,is located within the Cordilleran Continental Arc of BC. This region contains multiple significant porphyry deposits, including Imperial Metals historic Huckleberry Mine and Norandas historic Babine Porphyry camp. The land package is quite large at 10,618 hecatares. The bonus is this property already has a completed 43-101 report. Previous work on the Empirical property has demonstrated good gold values. Some of the historical work includes approx. 1600m of drilling where 6 of 15 historic drill holes intersected anomalous gold values. These values include one interval of 21m of 3.67 g/t Au. Other grade showings include: 1.75 m @ 3.20 g/t Au - 1.01 m @ 3.30 g/t Au and 0.88 m @ 10.27 g/t Au Originally this property was explored for it's moly potential and not much interest was put towards the gold values. However with gold prices setting all time records, this property offers a whole new exploration potential.


The property is located just a few kilometers from Lillooet, BC so infastructure is close at hand which helps keep exploration costs to a minimum. The company just sent in a small exploration crew in late July 2020. The crew will attempt to locate and verify these historic mineral showings and assess the suitability of the exploration program. The company will also be conducting a grab samples on targeted zones to locate additional areas of interest outside of the original Empirical project claim group.

Aside from the Empirical Property, the company also has a gold, silver and copper property on Vancouver Island. This property known as the Tyber porperty. This property has seen historic workings that deserve a second look today. There are two historic adits (14m and 47m in length) that are believed to have targeted mineralised quartz veins within local shear zones. A historic grab sample from the area showed Up to 2.328 oz/t Au (from waste dump), 16% Cu,and 305.5 oz/t Ag.


Clarity also has a third property which is also located in Vancouver Island not far from Port Alberni. This property produced a grab sample that assayed 48.00 grams per tonne gold, 51.43 grams per tonne silver and 17.8 per cent copper.

At the time of this writing, Clarity Gold has 20,358,000 share out standing with 22,237,310 fully diluted.

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