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What's With All The Negative Gold & Mining Headlines

Quite a few years ago I started to notice that most of the gold news headlines seemd to be anti-gold. It doesn't seem to matter which news site you go to there is always a negative / sarcatic / skewed type of headline regarding gold. Some of the authors of the articles seem to be very anti-gold also. Today I noticed an article on the net that seems really skewed. The headline reads: Consolidation Would Be 'Healthy' For Gold, Provide 'More Attractive' Prices.

When you first look at that headline the first thing I ask myself is "Where the hell has this author been for the past 5 years?" Here, lets pull up a chart for the past 5 or so years and see if there was any time during those years that someone could have bought gold at a more ATTRACTIVE price.

Now when you look at that chart do you see at any time during the last 3 years that the gold price was not ATTRACTIVE? I do, I see lots of opportunity to buy gold at so called ATTRACTIVE prices. What this article and headline tells me is that there are some who are anti gold and try to bash gold steady in the news. Whether they be shorts or have some other agenda they now see that they maybe missed the boat on getting into gold. It was suppose to stay down, they thought but instead the price is climbing. I could have bought back last year when the price was $1090 but I didn't. They think for some reason that if they scare the masses into selling positions they can either cover a short position of get themselves into a long postion for a few dollars cheaper. Look, you missed the boat. You missed the bottom. Get over it. Isn't there something more serious in life to write about than gold dropping a few bucks.

The other part of the story is the "HEALTHY" part. I wonder what this author would say if home prices fell 10 - 20 percent. I would write an article saying that a falling housing market is good. Give others a chance to buy into the housing market and even though it puts a whole pile of people underwater with their mortages. Or how about, your dollars in your bank account just lost 30% of their value. I would say thats good. Give's others a chance to buy more dollars at your expense and allows you to spend more for your basics. Or maybe if Google or Facebook lost a whack of value. Gives other a chance to buy in.

Face it, everyone on this planet has had a chance to buy gold and silver for that matter for ATTRACTIVE and cheap prices during the past 3-4 years. It's not like no one knew because there has been tons of negative news in your face almost everyday regarding gold and silver. If you missed any of that negative news or news headlines you must have been living somewhere other than earth. For those who are not from earth and have not read any news headlines, I took the liberty and started a page years ago copying a bunch of news headlines on gold and have them on a page here.

Here's the point I am trying to make. I'm a gold bug and I like gold and I like mining. Minerals and resources have feed my family and as the webmaster of this website and this website being mining and metals related, it is in my best interest to be positive about gold and the future price of gold. It is also in my best interest to be positive for all the metals and the miners who mine the metals I use everyday in my life. The precious metals that go into my laptop and smart phone, I owe that to a miner. The wiring in my house, the car I drive, the truck that bring the groceries to the store, I owe to the miners and drillers.

So if you want to be negative and if you think negative sells, go ahead and keep on doing what your doing. All you negative right wing type bashing is not going to change the long term picture because the picture all us gold bugs see from now on in is just nothing but blue skies, sun shine, rainbows and lollipops. And we'll see all you negative, sad and gloomy authors at $3,000 gold and beyond - 🙂

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