looking for some hot uranium stocks

Looking For Hot Stocks?

Uranium stocks. That's what is hot and more specific is the stock of the players in the Athabasca Basin. These stocks have been on a real tear and are in the news almost daily. Seems it wasn't that long ago that uranium was a bad word, but now investors can't quite get enough of it. Some players like Fission FCU are seeing trading volumes in the millions on a daily basis. They have also seen their share prices up 30% + since the beginning of the year and winter drill programs are just getting started. Fission has several drills running in this region and has recorded some off the charts readings.

Fission is not the only player in this region. A lot of the other players have also seen their shares prices take off. NexGen NXE who has a large land package right beside Fission's Patterson Lake project has also turned out some spectacular results. NexGen is currently on a two drill, 6000 meter hole program. Just last month the company drilled 26.2 meters of highly anomalous radioactivity.

Other companies involved in the latest rush for uranium are Forum Uranium FDC, UEX Corp UEX, Denison Mines DML along with a few new comers such as Alpha Exploration AEX.

the key thing to keep in mind with these plays is that there is a high degree of risk but there is also a high degree of big time pay off. Some of the companies could very well drill up the right stuff and be primed for a take over by the likes of Cameco CCO whish too has seen it's share price take off almost 20% in the last few trading sessions alone. The stock is now at 52 week highs of $27 and change.

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