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Australia Creek YukonThese gold claims start at the confluence of Australia Creek and the Upper Indian River (Dominion Creek), just 4 miles south of the historic town site of Granville, the birthplace of Pierre Berton. For those who watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel and Yukon Gold on the History Channel: ~ Australia Creek Mine is just upstream of Parker Schnabel's mine on Scribner Creek (Indian River), and 5 km downstream from Marty & Carl Knutsen's mine on Sulphur Creek.

Land area is approx. 9 million sq.ft. of mineable gravels with approx. 1 million sq. yards of surface.
This area will yield approx. 2.3 million cubic yards of high grade sluice material. Assay has consistently been 84.5%.

The neighbouring property The Wounded Moose Mine yields $6 - $20 per loose cubic yard (based on $1,200 US per Troy oz.). These claims border on property that was successfully mined when the price was $280 - $300 US per ounce. All licenses, land use permits, water use, etc. are in place.

There is an abundance of mining equipment for sale in the area. I have a complete package of functional medium quality equipment for sale ($300K).

To View web site with more details and photos CLICK HEREContact: George Abermeth

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