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Ancient River Channel
Looking for JV partner $400,000
Fully secured collateral. 100% return on investment in first year. 50% of production thereafter.

I am a gold miner near Carmacks, Yukon.  My property has 2 ancient river channels with several layers of pay.

See 2015 geological study at - Back Creek - - Early pleistocene glaciation and Implications for placer gold deposit

I have spent the last 6 years testing and building the infrastructure on my property.  Expecting to go into full production this year, I was forced to bulk test because of equipment failure.

I am on the source of the gold with an estimated value of 23,000 ounces on this channel.

Bulk testing this year on ancient river channel shows 1 ounce every 50 yards, with lots of nuggets.

In the first year of production the JV will receive 100% of investment and then share 50% of profit going forward.

The ancient river channel is massive with the first year stripping 500 feet by 100 at an average 15 feet overburden then 30 feet of pay to blue clay level.

This will provide 2 years of pay dirt.  My bulk testing shows an estimated 100 days mining at 1,000 yards a day should pay at a rate of $1 million plus/year for the next 4 years.  Then move on to the 12 claims.

Contact: Joe
Ph: 226 774-6010
After Sept 15th 519 331-3203

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United States

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