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Good Selection Of Klondike Claims For SaleCheechako Hill: 3 Claims on the historic cheechako hills. (1 regular 500X2000 feet claim and 1 bloc of 2 claims 2500XIrr feet. Lots of old timer remains, sign of old shaft workings and water ditching. We found a small stream going through the property so a pond could be used to retain water for mining purpose. No water license included but a schedule 3 water license for testing/prospecting can be obtained fairly easily. This property is in the vicinity of the discovery claim on bonanza creek.
Asking $7500 CAD OBO

Temperance Hill: 3 bench claims on hunker creek in the middle of the ancient stream of white channel gravel. Thawed ground no black muck. This property sits between Colorado creek and not much gold creek. The hills downstream and upstream from this property are actually mined by fairly large operation. Old shafting and signs of the first gold rush.
Asking $10,000 OBO

4 above pup (Hunker Creek) 1 claim 500X2000, fairly wide valley. No evidence of old working. A trail goes all along the claim and easily accessible from Hunker Creek Road. 20 minutes or less from Dawson city. No water license but a schedule 3 can be obtained for testing purpose.
asking $5,000

Dominion Creek: 1 proven gold bearing claim with a class 4 water license. We’ve been working this claim for over 4 years and there’s still plenty of gold to be recovered. All the right limit sidepay still there with a great portion of the left limit bench. 6 feet of paygravel is the average. Gold varies from fine to coarse with some interesting nuggets. This claim is perfect for an individual who wants to get is feet into the business. We are in the process of expanding and we need more yardage to meet the volume of our next washplant.
Asking $25,000 firm - claim only

Contact: Joel
Email: joel@secondchancegoldmines.com

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located in Dawson City, Dawson, Yukon Y0B 0A3, Canada

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