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Elkhorn Reserves Silver Mine
Fifteen (15) Lode Claims, 300 Acres
Montana's largest Silver Mine

  • 14+ miles of underground work is already done
  • Over $2 billion in reserves - both proven and probable
  • Easy access via several Forest Service Roads
  • Geological reports and testing shows over 30 veins with high values
  • Silver, gold, tungsten, cobalt, copper and more

Our claims hold multiple entrances to the workings through adits and shafts they also cover the reserves of the mine. The mine was abandoned for decades. Since the mine was closed several companies acquired the property and ran multiple test programs. These companies hired geologists to run the testing programs and they wrote multiple reports confirming what all reports showed previously.

As recently as 2008 a junior mining company from Canada acquired the mine and partnered with a couple junior mining companies in the USA to test the mine with plans to reopen and start mining. Unfortunately, with the collapse of the world economy in 2008 they were never able to realize that goal. It has been estimated that a few hundred thousand dollars could bring this mine back into production.

We do have maps of the workings and geological reports describing the multiple levels and the ore reserves. There are multiple levels that connect underground. Silver values as high as 102 oz./ton and gold values as high as 5.6 oz./ton. Veins start at the surface which is above 8000' and although the original company that mined this property did not mine below the 1000' level, they stated in reports that the values continue below this level. The levels they mined were never mined out and several hundred thousand tons of ore have already been blocked out ready to be sent to a mill. In addition, multiple companies have accessed the workings of the mine since then and determined that not only is the blocked out tonnage still there and ready, but in addition, hundreds of thousands of tons of proven and probable ore remains to be mined.

Multiple geological reports and maps are available to interested companies. This mine is not a short term proposition; it is perfect for a silver mining company interested in a long term profitable mine. With minimal start up investment a company should be able to see a profit in the first year of operation.

Asking Price: Contact us for more information.
Email: idahnamining@gmail.com

Ph: 509-599-2292

Visit Web Site: elkhornmine.com

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