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Legacy Claim On Germansen RiverClaim 310846 is a legacy claim on Germansen River south of Germansen Landing and north of Manson Creek size is approximately .5km x 1km. In the past several shafts had been dug on the property proving the old tertiary channel.

In 1929 Mckorkel bros started on the south end of this channel with dragline and hydraulics. Reports say that a 24oz and a 27oz nugget were found at that time. They mined this channel until 1942 with 24 employees when World War 2 regulations forced them to shut down. The property sat idle until when a small backhoe operation tested for the summer. They found one small hillock of virgin ground which produced 28 oz out of less than 200 yds.

In 2012 a small operator leased the claim. He opened the north end of the channel but was shut down by mines dept before much material was washed. The pay ran 20 ft to bedrock and produced at best $30/yard. The claim sat unused until 2019 when the operators lease expired.

Claim 310846 is approx. 180km north of Fort St. James and 180km west of Mackenzie on good all weather logging road. Mining road bisects the claim and accesses old pit and newer workings.

This is a serious property with 100ft + of overburden. Approx 250-300 metres of virgin channel remain. This channel is wide usually 80-100m wide. We have retired several years ago so the property is priced for quick sale at $250.000.00


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