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A number of objective geoscientific features that are described in this report together provide a complete picture of a concealed 2-mile long by 400 m wide gold drill target. The target is defined by the following highly correlated phenomena:

1) 1. 314 anomalous gold geochemical anomalies that are related to a Riedel shear zone structure and a ground VLF-EM Karous-Hjelt Current Density anomalies described below as items 2 and 3. 58 anomalous gold anomalies among the 314 gold indicator anomalies were from a 1,087 humus soil sample survey.

2) 2. A two-mile long by 400 metres (m) wide anomalous dilational Riedel shear zone that hosts the 314 geochemical anomalies listed above extends for 8.5 km (5.3 miles) as an airborne VLF-EM conductor.

3. 16 VLF-EM Karous-Hjelt (K-H) Current Density (CD) anomalies extend along 1,7000 m of the 3,200 m strike length of the anomalous gold corridor. The CD anomalies are mostly 50 to 100 m wide and they are both conductive and they indicate an array of potential Riedel shear zones as conductive host structures. The CD anomalies also may indicate the presence of sulphide minerals that are often intimately related to gold mineralization. In this target area, the gold indicator elements, namely: Au, As, Fe, Mo and Sb would suggest the presence of the following minerals that are hidden in bedrock, namely: gold, arsenopyrite, pyrite, molybdenite and stibnite, as at the Hemlo deposit.
In recent years, VLF-EM CD anomalies have been identified in a number.
of surveys over orogenic gold deposits. The CD anomalies are therefore useful exploration tools for gold discovery.4. The C-D anomalies are used to locate 28 proposed diamond drill holes to test one half (1,700 m) of the 2-mile long concealed gold target. The data on the proposed drill holes is appended to the report.Descriptions 1, 2 , 3 and 4 above are geological elements that are highly correlated as an integrated as a singular geoscientific phenomenon as measured and observed by this writer over a 10-year period of investigation.
To show these features and the Fry-McVean mining property in its entirety, a Power Point presentation was produced together with an addendum of slides to present drill hole profiles with CD anomalies as targets. This amount of information is very extensive.The reader is assumed to be a serious explorationist in search for a gold deposit ,more specifically for a gold deposit in Superior geological province of Canada. The Fry-McVean gold property is located in the prolific Uchi sub-province of Northwestern Ontario.This writer, as owner of the property, would encourage the reader to contact Donald Brown as a basis for a decision to option the property.For a pdf download on this property, Click Here

For a Comprehensive Power Point Presentation, contact Donald Brown

July 2021
Donald D. Brown Ph.D. Geologist P.Geo. (non practicing)
Email: dbrown9874@rogers.com

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P0V 3A0 Pickle Lake Ontario, Pickle Lake, Ontario P0V 3A0, Canada

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