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Riversong Gold Mine AlaskaRiversong Gold Mine is a 40-acre Alaska state leasehold located on Lake Creek, a premier rainbow and salmon stream in the Talkeetna Recording District. This secluded property is north of the confluence with the Yentna River and is perfect for someone who loves working alone or with a partner in an unspoiled wilderness that’s rich in alluvial gold and Alaskan wildlife. Everything is fully operational with a state approved multiyear mining plan good until July 2020.

There are approximately ten acres alongside Lake Creek that is an old riverbed comprised of alluvial deposits. The adjoining bench is an ancient riverbank that slopes up to a second riverbed and then a steep hillside. Widely spaced birch and spruce minimize the need for tree cutting and leave abundant room for placer mining. The active river channel always produces fine gold, small garnets, and black sands, and even a schoolkid can pan out a dozen flakes and specks on every try.

In 2005, Golconda Resources and Sheer Minerals of Canada spent $1 million on a joint drilling exploration for diamonds seven miles north of this site. Seventeen microdiamonds were found in the core samples. Subsequently, the people who initiated the search have maintained the mining claims where the discoveries were made and exploration is ongoing. What’s most important, though, is Riversong sits in Lake Creek Canyon at the same depth where the microdiamonds were found. Despite being a big long shot, this still provides an opportunity for finding something even more valuable than gold.

The mine comes complete with two storage sheds, a Montana 2434 tractor with frontend loader and backhoe, a 1990 Jeep Wrangler in Anchorage, a Honda three-wheeler, a two-inch Keene dredge, a 25” Keene spiral gold wheel, a Keene portable sluice, two generators, a three-inch trash pump, four steel sluice boxes, extra miner’s moss, an electric welder, an air compressor, two chainsaws, a bear rifle, an Iridium 955 satellite phone, power and hand tools too numerous to list, nuts, bolts, and nails beyond description, plenty of fuel for a season of mining and prospecting, and an assortment of gold cleanup tools. Everything is in good or new-like condition and cost more than $100,000 to buy and move into the mine site. A buyer needs only to bring food and work clothes, everything else is provided. There’s even a hillside spring for running water.

Riversong is probably best suited for mining alluvial deposits that can be bagged and sold as real Alaskan pay dirt. This would also eliminate the need for costly jigs and shaker plants that are necessary for recovering fine gold. —But what’s most important, this gets rid of the high cost of workers and heavy equipment, which always bankrupt Alaska gold mining deals. One or two people can easily operate this mine with little expense, yet produce hundreds of one-pound bags of pay dirt worth $25 to $100 each on a retail website or in storefront shops. What’s more, there are innumerable birch trees nearby with chaga mushrooms that are selling as America’s hottest new cancer-killing herb.

Where else can you catch 20-inch rainbows and 30-pound king salmon after a hard day’s work and have bald eagles watching you from across the river? And why would you ever buy a cabin when you can spend your summers here, especially when it costs less than $200 a year to maintain the ultimate tax-free survival property? It doesn’t get any better.

Priced at $119,000, and I might take $25,000 down and payments from someone with good credit.

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