mining investment for sunrisee project on kangaroo creek bc

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Mining Investment In BCSunrise is a B.C. Gold Project, located on Kangaroo Creek. Which empties into the Cariboo River just north of Quesnel forks. This Consists of 450 hectares along the creek in an area with historical gold production. The claims cover over 4km on both sides of the creek! There is road access throughout the claim.

We are seeking investment to explore and develop the Sunrise project on Kangaroo Creek in the Likely BC area. We have a subscription of $420 CAD per share with a 30 share minimum and proposing to issue up a 1000 shares. This is meant to raise $420,000 to complete the drilling program, mining feasibility plan and begin the stages of development. However, I am also motivated to sell the project to the right offer.

Hand testing revealed Tertiary River Gold and a Notice of Work (NOW) is approved for a three-year drilling program. Samples for assays show 0.87grs per yard and relation to high levels of Mn (Manganese) known as "red gravels" or "sunburned gold".

Passive seismic revealed several discoveries. One is a channel that trends under the road. The depth to showing tertiary gravels start at about 20 meters (65 ft.) and go to a depth of 60 meters (200 ft.). There is also a massive north/south canyon on Line 3 cross section.

Sunrise is a world class discovery. The drilling program is the first step towards proving a resource and developing a mining plan. The unique point of this mine is the volume of pay gravels per square foot is significant. Our website is

A video Presentation of the project can be seen below.

A PDF presentation is also available upon requestContact: Mitch Mortensen

Snowshoe Mountain Resources
Cell: 250 988 1325

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Kangaroo Creek, Quesnel forks, BC V0L 1N0, Canada

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