Diamond Fields Resources Inc

Diamond Fields Resources Inc. is a Canadian-based mining company that specializes in the exploration and development of diamond and other mineral resources. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Diamond Fields Resources has a portfolio of projects in various stages of development, including the Beravina Project in Madagascar, the Namibian Marine Diamond Project, and the Atlantis II Deep Project in the Red Sea. The company also has a joint venture with Denham Mining in the Labrador Trough region of Quebec, Canada.

Diamond Fields Resources is committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices, and works closely with local communities and governments to ensure that its operations have a positive impact on the environment and the people who live in the areas where it operates.

Stock Quotes

Diamond Fields Resources Inc. However, based on publicly available information, Diamond Fields Resources Inc is a mining company that focuses on the exploration and development of mineral properties. The company's competitive edge may lie in its expertise in identifying and acquiring high-quality mineral assets, as well as its ability to efficiently extract and process minerals. Additionally, the company may differentiate itself from its peers through its commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices.


1. Limited portfolio: Diamond Fields Resources Inc has a limited portfolio of assets compared to its peers, which may limit its growth potential.

2. Lack of diversification: The company's focus on diamond exploration and production may leave it vulnerable to fluctuations in the diamond market.

3. Reliance on a single project: Diamond Fields Resources Inc's primary project is the Beravina Zircon Project in Madagascar, which means the company is heavily reliant on the success of this project.

4. Limited financial resources: The company has limited financial resources compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to invest in new projects or expand its operations.

5. Lack of established partnerships: Diamond Fields Resources Inc has limited partnerships with other companies or organizations, which may limit its access to resources and expertise.

6. Limited market presence: The company has a limited market presence compared to its peers, which may limit its ability to attract investors or secure new business opportunities.

7. Limited track record: Diamond Fields Resources Inc has a limited track record of success compared to its peers, which may make it less attractive to investors or potential partners.

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2900-550 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0A3, Canada
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Diamond Fields International Ltd.
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Diamond Fields International Ltd. is a Canadian based mineral exploration and development company with a focus on diamond exploration and development in West Africa and Canada.
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