Globex Mining Enterprises Inc

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. is a Canadian exploration and development company that focuses on acquiring and developing mineral properties in North America. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec.

Globex's portfolio of mineral properties includes gold, silver, copper, zinc, nickel, and other base metals. The company's properties are located in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and the United States.

Globex's business model is to acquire mineral properties and then either develop them into producing mines or sell them to other mining companies. The company also generates revenue through royalty agreements on properties that it has sold.

Globex is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol GMX and on the OTCQX under the symbol GLBXF. The company has a market capitalization of approximately CAD 60 million as of August 2021.

Stock Quotes

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. is a mineral exploration company that focuses on acquiring and developing mineral properties in North America. The company has a number of competitive advantages that differentiate it from its peers:

1. Diversified portfolio: Globex has a diversified portfolio of mineral properties, including gold, silver, copper, zinc, and nickel. This diversification helps to mitigate risk and provides the company with exposure to multiple commodities.

2. Strong management team: The company's management team has extensive experience in the mining industry and a proven track record of success. This expertise allows the company to identify and acquire high-quality mineral properties.

3. Strategic partnerships: Globex has formed strategic partnerships with other mining companies, which allows it to leverage their expertise and resources. This helps to reduce costs and accelerate the development of its mineral properties.

4. Innovative exploration techniques: The company uses innovative exploration techniques, such as geophysical surveys and 3D modeling, to identify and evaluate mineral deposits. This allows it to more accurately assess the potential of its properties and make informed investment decisions.

5. Strong financial position: Globex has a strong financial position, with a low debt-to-equity ratio and a significant cash balance. This provides the company with the financial flexibility to pursue new opportunities and weather market downturns.


1. Limited diversification: Royal Gold Inc. primarily focuses on the gold and precious metals industry, which can be a disadvantage compared to peers that have a more diversified portfolio across multiple commodities. This lack of diversification exposes the company to greater risks associated with fluctuations in gold prices.

2. Dependency on mining partners: Royal Gold Inc. operates as a royalty and streaming company, meaning it relies on mining partners to extract and produce the metals. This dependency on third-party mining companies can lead to potential delays or disruptions in production, impacting the company's revenue and profitability.

3. Vulnerability to geopolitical risks: As a global company, Royal Gold Inc. is exposed to geopolitical risks in the countries where its mining partners operate. Political instability, changes in regulations, or conflicts in these regions can negatively impact the company's operations and financial performance.

4. Limited control over production decisions: Unlike mining companies, Royal Gold Inc. does not have direct control over production decisions or the ability to influence mining operations. This lack of control can limit the company's ability to respond to market conditions or optimize production levels.

5. Exposure to environmental and social risks: The mining industry is often associated with environmental and social challenges, such as environmental degradation, community opposition, or labor disputes. Royal Gold Inc. may face reputational risks or legal issues if its mining partners are involved in such controversies.

6. Potential for declining reserves: The availability of mineral reserves is crucial for the long-term success of a mining company. Royal Gold Inc. relies on the reserves of its mining partners, and if these reserves decline over time, it could impact the company's future revenue and profitability.

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86 14th St Rouyn-Noranda, QC, J9X 2J1, Canada
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Globex Mining - at the heart of Quebec's Abitibi gold mining district
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Globex Mining is an exploration company with a diversified North American portfolio of advanced properties with gold, copper, nickel, rare earths, zinc, silver, uranium, platinum, palladium, magnesium, talc and molybdenum potential
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mining, minerals, exploration, resources, geology, geophysics, drilling, engineering, environment, safety, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, CSR, Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.

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