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                                                   New Year. New Stock Picks

First off, happy new year to everyone. I always like to make new years resolutions even if I never follow through with them. It is a way of giving me some kind of goal to look forward to or at least try. One of the goals which of course happens every year is trying to find the next 10 bagger in stocks. Scanning over all the available information at the time and trying to look ahead through the year of all the things that could happen, then applying that information to a handful of stocks and see where it ends up a year later.

I seem to gravitate towards mining stocks which of course has proven to be not as profitable as say some of the health stocks or tech stocks. Being a contrarian type of investor I take all the worlds affairs and apply that into my theories also. With so much doom and gloom since 2008 credit crisis one would have thought that gold and gold stock stocks would have been a very profitable venture. However this has no been the case. Mining stocks for the past few years have been some the worst performing stocks right along side oil and oil service stocks.

Being a gold bug, my thinking for this year is still geared towards mining stocks and more specifically gold stocks. With all commodities being down globally, news that things are not so rosy in China, it's only a matter of time that the credit system that runs the world will experience a hick-up of some kind and there could very well be hick-ups tthat follow such as a run on the banks or else a loss of faith in the present money system. There has been tons of news letter writers and articles pointing to this fact even though nothing to date has happened. Governments all over the world seem to keep everything running smoothly or at least they do a good job to make it look that way.

Anyways, enough of that and on to my stock pick of the year. My first stock for this year is the stock that has been featured on the website here. New Carolin Gold Corp. LAD. The reasons why I am picking this as what I hope to be a 10 bagger for the year is quite simple. The stock has 80 million shares O/S and is priced today at 5 cents. The company has a gold property that is about 2 hour drive from Vancouver, and is only a few miles off a paved highway.

There is an existing mill and crusher along with power on this property. The property also has 5 older mines that all produced gold at one time. Back in the 1980's the company that held this same ground had a stock price of $60. Not 60 cents, 60 dollars. Today like I said the stock price is 5 cents so for this play to get noticed and it is getting noticed by some of the bigger names in the business, I see this play as being able to hit 50 cents within a years time.

It won't take much these days to get the price of gold back up a few hundred bucks an ounce and with everything else already topped out price wise, a lot of that money will definately be looking a undervalued plays and equities. For me, New Carolin Gold fits the bill. You can read my feature write up that was done on the site right here. There is also a news wire that just came out today about New Carolin Gold and it features both Rick Mills comments and Jay Taylor. Both of these guys are very well known in mining circles and are both savvy investors who are quite sharp on picking stocks that offer that winning combination. So thats another reason why I'm picking New Carolin Gold for this year.


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