John kaisers 6 top mining stocks for 2016

Six Bottom Feeders For 2016 - John Kaiser

Picking those bottom feeders are what small cap mining stock plays are all about. Trying to catch the new 8-10 bagger stock is what everyone wants. However just because a stock is 1 cent or cheaply priced does not mean that it will be or has the potential to be a good bottom pick. What needs to be looked at in this day and age of market trading is property, management and CASH. The last is very important because raising cash today is a really tough business in itself. That's where good management teams come in. Having someone on board that has connections and knowledge about raising funds needed and of course you need property. However today you don't need good property, you need great above average property. Those are the keys for todays junior miners.

In the video below John Kaiser goes on record to let you know his 6 picks of potential bottom feeders. All six junior stocks rate high with the points that were given above, cash on hand, management, and properties. Speaking at the Vancouver Investors forum in January 2016 John said: "We will never, ever again see such an assembly of management talent, inside juniors with good projects, a lot of them still with money, and at an incredible valuation level where the retail investor has never, ever, in my 30 years of experience, had a chance to get access at this type of price to this type of upside potential."

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