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NIMBY'S The New Purveyors Of Fear & Selfishness

Get to Know About Mine. Was reading a good article by Casey's about how the enviromental movement in the world today is right on course with shutting the world down. Everywhere you look and hear there are a bunch of do gooders that are out to make life misserable for others. Case in point is the news from Romania about the Rosia Montana mine that is for all intents and purpose a "no go". The company Gabriel Resources GBU has been working on developing this mine for around 14 years. It's not like this area has never seen any mining, it has been mined for about 2000 years but Gabriel would have liked to have mined the deposit using new technologies. After a bunch of protests from a lot of people the government decided that it would not grant the company the required go ahead.


There was a documentary done on this mine and other mines throughout the world called "Mine your own business" that went on to show how the locals viewed this mine. People living is a town with no running water, outdoor crappers and no jobs. They interveiwed young men who only wanted a job but because a few enviro-freeks didn't want a mine and lobbied powers that be to get their way these young people are poised to live without. This all brings me to the next issue which is not related to mining but is still resource based and that is the issue of "Fracking"

There is a lot of Anti-Fracking in the news lately. You would almost think that it was some new crazed idea of the oil patch if you listen to all the fear mongers on the left side of society. Thing is, it isn't anything new. The fracking thing is has been going on longer that most of the anti-frackers themselves. The first ever frac was done in 1947. That's 66 years ago but you would almost think by the way these people talk it's all new in the last year or so and totally unproven and needs to be regulated and needs to addressed and needs to be studied and we need to be educated about all the comings and goings. In reality none of these anti frackers want to be educated in the science of fracking. They have already made their minds up that it is bad and should be banned. In reality though these anti frackers or nimbys are just a bunch of hypocrites. Take a look at just how hypocritical these guys are. Take a look at the photo below of a camp out at an anti-fracking protest over in England.

So when it comes to investing in fracking, where do you look? Well there is the usuals like Halliburton and Schlumberger, but there is also some smaller Canadian companies that are quite affordable and have a good positioning in Canada. Three companies worth looking at are Trican Well Service TCWCanyon Services FRC and Calfrac CFW. All three are TSX listed and pay dividends.

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