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My 2 Cents For The Week

A quick look at any of the most gainers these days will show a lot of 100% gaines in a day. At first glance you think WOW, then after a second look you notice that the stock that just did a 100% jump is only 1 cent. Another quick look will tell you that there are a whole lot of these 1 cent stocks out there. The next issue though is to find that 1-2 cent stock that has the potential, the money, the project or all of the above to make it become a 4-5 cent stock. Don't kid yourself, they are out there. You just have to weed through them all.

One of the secrets to finding these plays is by narrowing down your search by finding stocks that have a low amount of shares, some cash and some ground to explore. Even if they don't have that much cash, having good ground or prospects will bring outside companies looking to JV, merge or even do a buyout. The other little secret is scanning through these small plays and finding the ones that have some active trading, preferrably in the hundreds of thousands of shares on a daily basis. Or try to find one that has a bit of an up swing in trading volumes along with the price increase. It could mean news out in the near future or could be just a group getting in on the buy side.

Just today, TAD Mineral Exploration TJ traded up 100% on almost 2 million shares. The stock had been down to as low as 1/2 cent and had a lot of very low volume days. Today it closed up at 2 cents. What's up?

So what has this little company have going for it? Well it holds land in the Patterson Lake South area of the Athabasca Basin right close to where NexGen NXE and Fission FCU are working. Both of these juniors have seen their stock trade like crazy and both have been putting out real good news in regards to assays from their winter drill programs.

Secondly it also has two parcels of land in Ontario where Zenyatta ZEN is at on it's big graphite find. Everyone knows what ZEN is all about. Thirdly TJ is also a significant shareholder of Terra Firma TFR that would enable TAD to generate cash without any dilution. Given that the markets in metals and mining are in the very lows with little to no interest from investors, unusual trading sometimes brings out news or a renewed interest in the stock. With 53 million shares, TJ has just over a 1 million dollar market cap. We'll have to see how TJ performs next week in the market. Trading at 2 cents, one can buy a real mitt full of shares.

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