9 years online for juniorminers.com

Juiorminers.com Online For Nine Years

It was nine years ago on May 9, 2007 that this website Junior Miners went online. Over that time there has been a few changes in colors, styles, content and articles. What started out as a site that got about 2-300 visitors a month now averages 700 visitors everyday. Being the webmaster of the site has been interesting also as I have gotten emails from people from all over the world with everything from compliments to complaints. What's even more of a pleasure is when you communicate back and forth using email for either doing business or just casual conversation and then one day being able to meet up with that person or persons. Having this website has allowed me to do just that. I can tell you that I have met some very interesting people who just like me, enjoy mining and prospecting.

I started a silver giveaway last month and drew the name of Grant D. from Vancouver Island. I will be making another draw for a silver coin giveaway this month. If you don't have your name in, you won't get your name drawn, so if you are interested in maybe winning some silver, you need to sign up using the form on the right hand side of this page. Don't worry, I don't bombard people with emails. You will however get updates from the odd junior mining company that is actively looking for the next big find.

Our featured miner, New Carolin Gold TSX-V: LAD is just rocking and rolling right now. The company should have boots on the ground here any day doing the 3D modeling project and that will be followed with a drill program. The stock rallied Friday to 12 cents hitting a new 52 week high. Also the company now has a USA listing and a broker in the USA so trading volumes are really picking up. If you haven't heard about this mining play you need to check it out as there is getting to be quite a few analysts that are seeing the almost zero risk in this mining play of the Ladner Gold project. Put it this way, the story is getting out and the share price is starting to prove that.

Gold and silver both topping out to new highs right now also and that bodes well for junior gold and silver stocks. I noticed Goldorp and Barrick are at 52 week highs as well as a lot of the other mid tier miners. Only a matter time before the funds start climbing aboard the smaller junior plays.

Lithium plays are hot these days too. I did a short write up on a couple of these plays in another article. One of the companies that I did not mention is Macarthur Minerals which put out news a week or so ago about a lithium play going on in Australia. This should be an interesting play to watch if your not inclined to be in the precious metal plays.

Less than two weeks to go until the 30th anniversary of the Dawson City International Gold Show which will be held May 20th and 21st, 2016 in Dawson City of course. This can be a great opportunity to meet up with personnel from some of the juniors that are exploring up that way. Companies like Kaminak, Victoria Gold and Atac Resources will have info booths to catch up on the latest of what's happening on their projects.

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