Happy New Year 2011


One day left in the year 2010. We at Junior Miners here wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. As far as being prosperous there have been a lot of well to do junior mining stock plays this year. We hope some of our readers were able to climb on board a few of these plays and make a few extra bucks. With the so called recession on in a lot of the world today, it is good to see a few sectors ie:( mining and resources ) making up for those sectors that are loosing out.

As far a stocks this week the trading has been light. Don't really know what is up with Adanac Moly AUA the last two days. The stock is up 100% but we can't seem to find any news. Volume yesterday was over 4 million. The last we knew about them was they were in receivership and were trying to get deals worked out with creditors.

Canarc CCM which we mentioned on Dec. 21 hit a new high today of .26 cents. They have a new play in Nevada. Messina Minerals MMI which we have on our watch list above also hit a new high of 11 cents today. I remember years ago when that company hit a "hot" hole on a drill program and the stock shot up like a rocket. Something like 5-600% over just a few trading sessions. The chart below will give you an idea of what can happen when drill cores look good.

Eagle Hill EAG is on the move also. The stock is almost a double over the last two weeks. The company has started a 10,000 meter drill program and results from the first three holes were pretty impressive. Some of the results are 18.82 g/t Au over 9.90 meters and 53.64 g/t Au over 4.55 meters. This is a high grade gold drill program which is on their Windfall Lake project which is in Quebec. This could be a good time to add this play to your watch list.

Hot plays overseas for next year in our opinion are any of the plays over in Tanzania. Closer to home here in Canada will be plays that are active in the Dawson area of the Yukon Territory surrounding the Whitegold and Atac projects.

Once again, Happy New Year and as always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Merry Xmas Everyone


Well trading is all but done for the year here we think. Volumes are pretty thin and watching even some of the more active stocks is kind of like watching paint dry. Most of our stocks that we have had on watch have done well. Some better than others of course.

Of course as the year comes to a close, there is the whole deal of next years predictions. We here at junior miners .com have some predictions of our own. We think gold will be trading around $1,800 by this time next year and silver will be trading somewhere over the $50.00 mark.

When it comes to the junior stocks, we think Tanzania is only going to get hotter. Plays like Sidon International SD will be on our radar. Going by grab samples so far and the trend in that country with the likes of Canaco CAN, these smaller plays could very well reach the dollar mark by early spring or even higher. As mentioned before, we do hold Sidon in our portfolio. Don't forget about Tanzanian Royalty TNX which has been in Tanzania longer than almost of these others put together. TNX is more than a mining play. This stock is well on it's way to become a gold royalty play.

Other plays to watch over in Tanzania are, Brookemont Capital BKT and Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI. Both of these small miners have the potential to do well.

Question: When is the best time to buy a stock? Answer: When it is at the bottom. The big question then to ask is "why is this stock at the bottom." When one searches the tickers you can find a lot of what appears to be undervalued stocks. Some of these small stocks are almost unheard of. Although they don't share the same lime light as the likes of Canaco and a few others does not mean that they have no potential. Starting next year we are going to be looking into some of these small unknown plays that we think are just under traded and under valued. We'll try to keep everyone in the loop on this.

How would you like to get rich next year? You know in 2011. I know I sure do. Anyhow, Junior Miners.com and James West are looking for people like you who want to become wealthy. James West for those who don't know is one of the most knowledgeable people out there when it comes to mining and mining stocks. He is also the editor of the famous Midas Letter. This is the guy who I find out from what is happening in the junior mining industry.

Anyhow he has the all information you need today to puff up that bottom line on your balance sheet. This same man told readers to buy and hold Canaco when the stock price was 40 cents. Just look at that chart above. What a beauty! Where would you be today if you had bought 20,000 shares at 40 cents? I'll tell you where you'd be. You would be a whole lot richer. About $120,000 richer. By the way, he is also giving away $100,000 in pure gold bullion to one lucky newsletter subscriber. How's that for a new years resolution. Just say, "I want to get rich." Plain and simple! And maybe even win a $100,000 in gold bullion!

Seasons best to you all.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Slow Trading


Trading has sure been off on volumes so far this week as everyone most likely has Xmas on the mind and how they are going to pay for it. For some paying for Xmas will be quite easy. That "some" are the ones who have held Canaco CAN for the past year. This week though shareholders of Canarc CCM got a bit of an Xmas gift as news came out of an aquistion in Nevada. That aquistion is the Relief Canyon Mine which is an open pit heap leach mine. There is still some T's to cross and I's to dot but mostly it looks like the company is well on it's way to ownership of this project.

Canarc is mostly know for it's New Polaris Mine which is in northern BC. That mine was not too far from the TC mine that Redfern (now defunt) had. The TC mine was quite controversial with enviromentalists and other special interest groups in the area. Either way this is a big move for Canarc and Nevada of course is known for it's pro mining atmosphere. Their stock today was up 16% to close at 24 cents. This is the second Canadian miner with news this week with a stock price under 25 cents. The other we just talked about a few days was St. Eugene Mining Corp SEM. Their stock was off a half cent today on lighter volumes.

Sidon International SD was off a cent today also on lower than normal volumes. The stock is basing nicely in the upper teens to low 20's. Looking at a one year chart you can see where resistance points were and are now support points. News this week on some placer grades were released and as we at junior miners are also placer miners ourselves, all I can say is let me have a piece of that ground. With grades of one gram m3 the ground is well worth more investigation. Lots of placer shows today can process 1000 m3 per day and if the ground is consistant in pay this could be a nice little cash cow for the company. For the sake of comparison, we mine in the Omineca region of BC and are content on an average of 2.6 grams per 5 m3. BTW, we are still holding long on this play.

Speaking of gold, how would you like to win $100,000 dollars worth of gold bullion? Right now the Midas Letter is having a draw after the new year for $100,000 worth of gold bullion. To be entered into the draw all that is needed is for you to subscribe to their news letter. At $40 bucks a month it is the best money I have ever spent. By the way, it was this same news letter that told their readers about Canaco when it was around 40 cents.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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A New Canadian Gold Play


Only a few weeks left in this trading year. It's been a good year for a lot of the junior miners out there. Some have really rocketed while others are still sitting on the fence. We've been watching players over in Tanzania quite a bit lately and unfortunately by doing so we missed out on some great plays right here at home. One of those plays is in Saskatchewan. When we think about Saskatchewan we always seem to think about the Athabasca Basin and the uranium miners or the central parts of the province and the potash mines. We don't think about Saskatchewan and gold to often. Anyhow, gold it is and St. Eugene Mining Corp SEM is the junior miner we are looking at. What makes this junior a bit more special is that they have two projects on the go. One is the Amisk project in Saskatchewan which they hold 35% interest in and the other project is the 100% owned Tartan Lake project which is in Manitoba.

The Amisk project is large gold projcect that covers an area of almost 14,000 hectares. A news release just a few days ago showed some very interesting grades. 53.5 metres averaging 6.86 g/t gold and 21.4 g/t silver; Some of the grades from the news release showed 50.3 metres averaging 5.64 g/t gold and 10.3 g/t silver, 241.0 metres averaging 2.16 g/t gold and 18.9 g/t silver and 173.1 metres averaging 2.29 g/t gold and 14.1 g/t silver.

Also this week the company released news of a PP of four million dollars. These funds will be going towards recommissioning the Tartan Lake mine and also towards the Amisk project. With just under 100 million shares out and priced right around the 25 cent mark, this is a junior miner we will have on watch.

Some stocks that have fallen back in price this past week. One of course being Gem International GI which was mentioned in the last write up. Caldonia Mining CAL which had been been on a nice rise fell back somewhat after news with a headliner that reads "Caledonia chairman Pardoe resigns alleging misconduct". These sort of little boardroom issues may effect the stock short term and in a lot of cases can be a buying opportunity.

Tagish Lake TLG has given up gains also. The stock is well off it's high by 50%. We did follow this play somewhat for a short period of time over the past few months. There was some ongoing issues of a couple of different parties wanting to buy the company out. It is looking like New Pacific Minerals NUX has taken over the company.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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More Tanzania News


We got some news out this week so far from a few of our Tanzania plays that we have on watch. Sidon International SD has put out news about the giving up one of the properties and another news release about obtaining another licence near the same area where Canaco CAN is working. The property they stopped pursuing was an addition onto the current property they are drilling at this moment.

Another player in Tanzania that we have been aware of but did not really pay to much attention to a miner called Gem International GI. Their stock was halted a few days back for news and when the news came out it was not what investors really wanted to hear. The company has postponed the aquisition of a gold property in Tanzania and also the postponement of a private placement. Their stock today was getting a boxing day sale a bit early. Down over 50%.

Brookemont Capital BKT had news also this week. Their news was a lot more positive. Their news was that they had received final approval from the TSX Venture Exchange for the acquisition of a 63.4-square-kilometre gold prospect located in the Handeni region of Tanzania. This property is contiguous to Canaco property.

For those who hold Tanzanian Royalty TNX and read JSmineset, Jim had put a message on his website that he had gotten the word he was waiting for from overseas. He has since flown over to Tanzania and of course many shreholders are waiting for a postive new release. Being close to Xmas it would be a good time to get that special kind of gift if you know what we mean.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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A Week Of Trading Tanzania


Wow, it was quite the week in the small junior miners that are active in Tanzania. Sidon International SD which we introduced back in November at 10 cents made a new 52 week high of 26.5 cents. Volumes were really strong in the millions most days. The stock did taper off to end down at 18.5 cents for the week. For those who purchased low and sold into the run up did well and it may be wise to wait for a good basing before the next run up. With news coming out quite regular now on the drilling program, this is one play that should be quite active.

Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI also did well this week hitting a new high of 47.5 cents. The stock ended down 10 cents lower at 37 cents on profit taking. Volumes were also strong most of the week. There has been no news released so momentum could most likely be attributed to the whole Tanzania Canaco thing. Tanzanian Royalty TNX ended the week up at $6.91.

With all the hyped going on now in Tanzania, there is another small player that has entered the country and has aquired some prospective ground. Brookemont Capital BKT came out this week with news about a property acquisition going back to September about an option agreement prospect is bordering Canaco's prospect in Tanzania. The company has now submitted to the Venture exchange for final approval of the property acquisition in Tanzania. At this time Brookemont has received conditional approval by the exchange for the property acquisition. Their stock rally nice on news tagging 24 cents before falling back. The stock ended at 18 cents on the week. So here is another option to trade or invest in Tanzania for you. With only 26 million shares, if the ground can prove out well there could be a tremendous amount of upside in this junior miner. We've also added this miner to our stocks on watch. Also make note of the cup and handle formation on this stock on the chart below.

In some of our last write ups we talked about a small miner in the Dawson area that has caught our eye. So what we did is we sold a small portion of our SD in the rally this week and bought into this junior miner. That miner is Encore Renaissance Resources EZ. We felt that because they have properties in the Whitegold area in Yukon that it may end up being an interesting play. They had news out last week about a 10,000-foot drill program as a first phase to an extensive continuing exploration program at the Bonaparte gold project in BC. Then today there was more news about the company looking at aquiring property over in Tanzania. There had been a bit of news back in the September or so about Tanzania but then everything went quite. In todays news they said a company representative has been reviewing data and has travelled to Tanzania to visit prospective properties. A final decision is anticipated within the coming weeks. The stock traded very heavy with around 14 million shares and ended the day at 7 cents.

Here is a play that has two good projects in our opinion and maybe a third for less than 10 cents a share. We are looking at this junior as a mid term to long hold on this play. That of course could all change depending on drill results and follow up news. The one downside though is the amount of shares. Almost 250 million.
Also note that the stock was halted for a portion of the year. We did send the company an email asking about a week ago on this but have not yet received any information back. We could look into Sedar etc. but sometimes for the sake of time it is just easy to email the company directly and hope that they reply back with the needed information. If we don't get a reply back we will start to dig a bit on the issue of the extended halt.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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It's Getting Hot In Tanzania


Well it was quite the day for our Tanzanian miners. Like we said last week if you didn't buy any Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI when it was down, you've missed the boat. Today the stock ramped up 28% to close out the day at 44.5 cents. This is new 52 weeek high.

Like wise for Sidon International SD which also hit a new 52 week high of 20.5 cents. That was up 24% today and up 100% in just the past week! Who said you can't make money in mining stocks. We just brought this stock to the attention of readers here on November 27. Those who bought have already doubled their holdings.

The other miner that made new highs today was of course Canaco Resources CAN which shot up 11% to close the day out at $5.27. Now the interesting thing about Canaco Resources CAN is that this is a stock that was recommended as a buy back when the stock was in the 30 cent range. The people who issued the buy recommendation are the ones who write the Midas Letter. They were the first to mention this miner and some of those who read about it and climbed on board have made an awful lot of money. Some have already become millionairs just from this stock play alone. And the best part is that was only a year ago that the buy recommendation went out to the readers. You can read about that original buy recommendation right here. All I can say is that this letter has been the best $40 dollars per month that I have ever spent.

Tanzanian Royalty TNX the old grand daddy of Tanzanian miners is trading just under the $7.00 mark. Maybe some of these smaller players will make a run for being the top miner in that country. The way Canaco Resources CAN is going it could pass TNX in a few months or less.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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PMG's Back Up


What a difference a week makes. All the precious metals are back up nice and high. Palladium did really well and so did silver. Nice to see silver closing in on the $30 mark. We like that a lot as we are 999.9% silver buffs here. Maybe in the next few weeks we will get that $30 an ounce in our stockings. Gold is only a tad off it's old high and we are thinking that it will bust through that any day and be onward and upward.

Our stocks did well too. We hate to boast but you know it feels great making some of that ka-ching again. Sidon International SD ended up the week at 16.5 cents. That's up 60% this past week. Just a cent off it's old high. Now that drilling is going to be underway we could see that old high become just that. The "old high". News could be out in a few weeks on this as 6 holes can be drilled quite quick. It's getting the assays that seems to take the time these days.

Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI was back up into the upper 30 cent range by the end of week also. For those who were looking to pick up a few on the cheap you may have missed the boat on this one.

We mentioned before in the past write up or two that we were going to be looking into a small junior miner that is working in the Dawson area. The Dawson area is better known as the "Klondike" as in the "Klondike Gold Rush" that happened back in the late 1890's. Most of the mining in this area is and has been placer operations. Everything from one man shows to mom and pops to small private and public companies. Only in the last few years since the price of gold has spiked has there really been any outside interest. It took the White Gold discovery of Underworld Resources and the sale of that company to Kinross to get the attention of the investing public to notice this area again. The whole area was always active with miners and prospectors, it's just that very few knew about or even cared about it. That's the way it always is with these junior miners and that can be good news to those who want to get in early on some small penny mining play. This gives the little guys a bit of chance to pick up some cheap priced stock and then maybe it sell out to high rollers for a 500% or more gain.

Anyhow we don't know all we want to know about this company but we are doing some due diligents on it and hopefully we will have some more input later this coming week.

Also we are still watching Hudson Resources HUD very close. We have had this Greenland miner as our REE junior miner to keep a watch on. This stock could break out to the upside very soon in our opinion. Accumulation has been going on for a few weeks now as volumes have been moderate.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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More Tanzanian News


Sidon International SD was back in the news today with a news release stating that they have received authorization to start drilling. The drill program calls for 6 holes. They are also going to be preparing an area to set up a wash plant to test out some the placer deposit. Trading of the stock was over two million shares and pushed the stock up 1.5 cents to 13 cents. This is going to be a very interesting play to watch. Going by some grab sample results it will be interesting to see what transpires from drilling.

Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI was also active today and pulled back up somewhat after a sell off over the past day or so. Their stock is back up basing nice in the 30 cent range. Of course both these smaller plays could be trading up because of Canaco CAN which was up to close the day at $4.56 which is a new 52 wek high closing. The stock did hit $4.76 earlier in the day.

We still have another small junior miner that is planning on doing some exploring in Tanzania. We will be coming out with some information about that miner later next week along with some juniors that are working in the Dawson area of Yukon.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Sidon On The Move


Todays trading proved out to be a fair day for one of our Tanzanian junior miners. Sidon International SD was up 2 cents to end the day at 13.5 cents. Over 8 million shares traded hands. The stock did trade as high as 14.5 today. The company has put out a new release stating that a drill program is on the way for a total of 1500 meters to be drilled. We kind of thought something was up on Friday last week with the abnormal trading volume and a bit of a price spike.

Back on the 19th we talked about another African miner, Caldonia Mining CAL. At the time the stock price was 12 cents and looking to break out higher. Today the stock climbed some more to hit a new 52 week high of 16 cents. As mentioned before we have CAL back on our radar. Also if you are wondering which plays we are watching here, we have them posted in the grey border at the top of the screen.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer and sign up to our newsletter.

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Sunday Night Heads Up


Quick note here after scouring the stock tickers this evening. We are always on the watch for abnormal trading activing like increases in trading volumes, dramatic rises or falls in stock prices, halts and that sort of stuff. Anyhow going over some of the older tickers we noticed that Messina Minerals MMI has had an increase in trading volume the last session or two of last week.

News was out on Nov. 4 stating that exploratory drilling at the Boomerang massive sulphide prospect located in central Newfoundland has begun. I was unaware that they had not done anything for about three years. So now we know and have something to watch out for. If you're into lead and zinc this very well could be a base metal junior to watch.

Also it was voted that the color of our charts will be like the one above instead of the default ones that are posted here already.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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How To Play Tanzania


Over the last while we have been doing some short mentions about the Tanzanian junior miner, Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI. This is one of the smaller players in Tanzania and is priced at the lower end of the scale. Other players that are in Tanzania are Tanzania Minerals TZM, Tanzanian Royalty TNX, MDN Inc MDN, Gem International GI and of course who could forget or did not hear about Canaco CAN.

Now, if you pulled a chart on any of these players you would see pretty much the same thing. Most have shot up on short notice or are higher priced already. One of these miners, MDN Inc has been range bound in the 40 cent range for over a year now and has not provide investors with much upside as of yet. This is not to say that MDN will not break out one day and make new highs. MDN carried a stock price in the $1.50 range back in 2007 so you can tell this is one player that has the potential to go a lot higher.

Tanzanian Royalty is a large land holder and explorer in Tanzania and it is working towards developing itself into a gold royalty company where other smaller juniors will take the mining properties over and pay out a royalty. MDN is one such company that is working some of Tanzanian Royalty's land holdings.

These are some of the ways you can play Tanzanian mining plays. While most of these players have been in the area for a few years and have gained some exposure there is one small player that has been in the country for less than a year and is priced well below it's peers in that country. That small junior miner is Sidon International SD. The company is working on a project in southeast of Morogoro in east-central Tanzania. They had a new release in mid November here for different grab samples that were assayed along with a larger bulk sample. The bulk sample was a 50 kg sample of tailings that showed out at 10.5 gm/t gold. We at JuniorMiners.com are placer miners ourselves and I can tell you that samples like that don't come around very often (if ever), so when they do you best take notice.

The stock is well off it's 52 week high of 18 cents and has been range bound in the 10 cent area for the better part of two months now. Volumes in trading are mid 2-300 thousand per day. Fridays trading popped the stock up 13% to 11.5 cents on over two million shares telling us something could very well be happening with this play. News around the corner? We're not sure. Information at this time is a real struggle as their website is in the making so if you want additional information you have to go to Sedar or else where and look things up from there. We find googling works although there is nothing like a well presented website for traders / investors to search out the information.

We at JuniorMiners.com are going to be watching this play close and let it be noted that "Yes" we do own the stock.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Our Weekly Review


Quite the week for the metals. Up, down, sideways and in the end practically no change. It was the same thing with a lot of stocks out there. However, some of our plays were really quite hot this week.

Our small player we talked about in the last write up from Tanzania, Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI was at 24 cents in our last write up but over the week this stock did an almost double. In fact the stock hit a high today of 42 cents but settled back to close the week off at 37.5 cents. Good profits to those who were in on this play.

Our other small stock we were watching, Delta Uranium DUR was a 4 cent play that shot upto 10 cents this week but fell back today to 6.5 cents. Volumes were very high the last few days as the chart below will show. Another small uranium player that was quite active and had a nice pop in price was E S O Uranium ESO.

We still have another small Tanzanian player that we are going to be looking at over the next little while. Tanzania is really an interesting place for smaller juniors. Most of the country seems to be tied up with by larger miners so when these small players come on the scene with good results the stock price shows. Like we mentioned before we only have to look at small miners like Canaco CAN to keep us interested in this African country.

Heads up stock, Northern Tiger Resources NTR is a Yukon miner we are watching. Just a heads up to those who were interested letting everyone know that the stock price has fallen off a cliff. Results from the drill program are out and it is obvious that some don't like the numbers. Time to put NTR back on the radar screen in our eyes.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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A Small Tanzanian Junior Miner


As mentioned a while back we were going to be looking into some smaller players that are working in Tanzania. The reason being is because we follow the workings of Jim Sinclairs Tanzanian Royal Exploration TNX which is a company that has been over in Tanzania for quite some time now.

One of the smaller players we are looking into is called Currie Rose Resources Inc. CUI. Their primary work area is the Lake Victoria Gold Fields. At present they have two areas of interest going on over there. They have the Mabale Hills and Sekenke Gold Projects. The Mabale Hills project consists of five licenses covering about 260 square km and includes the Sisu River, Mwamazengo and Dhahabu properties. Last news release that we could find was stating that they were about half way through a drill program having complete 14 RC holes for a total of 1440 odd meters. There is going to be a total of 3000 meters drilled. Going by some of the chip sample results this program could prove to be quite interesting. One of the samples had a high value of 89.2 g/t. The other positive about this junior miner right now of course is the price. This bring back memories of earlier this year with another Tanzanian explore, Canaco CAN which of course gave investors a 10 fold return.

Currie Rose Resources Inc. has a stock price of 25 cents. The stock hit a new 52 week high today of 26 cents. The stock also has about 80 million shares.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Diamond News


We haven't mentioned much diamonds on the site in the last while. Actually it's been quite awhile to a long time. Point being is when metals are hot like the Au and the Ag stuff they seem to take center stage and the limelight. Then of course there is the rare earth thing going on and also the uranium plays, so generally speaking the diamond issue does take a back seat. Which of course is too bad because you can miss out some great trading /investing opportunities.

Anyhow this past week I caught a glimps of a new release about diamonds. Not just any diamonds but good ole Canadian diamonds. The company is Arctic Star ADD and they jointly working on some kimberlites in the James Bay lowlands with another junior miner, Metalex Ventures. In their last new release they state that they recovered over 800 comercial sized diamonds. Metalex stock of course popped up a whopping 92% to end at .80 cents. Arctic Stars stock was up 1 cent to .055 cents.

Arctic Star ADD owns about 6% of this project but for a small player exposed to diamonds plus other mineral plays this may just be a small play to watch. This stock is under sitting around the 5 cent mark, has almost 300 million shares outstanding. They have also had quite a few press releases in the past month about private placements and property options.

As always, use Due Diligence and see our Disclaimer.

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Hot Week For Coal


This weeks saw some real action in the coal players. Western Coal WTN was hot on merger news which of course sent Grand cache Coal GCE higher. Prophesy Resouce PCY in Mongolia was given green lights for a large coal operation there also.

Silent climbers. These are the stocks that climb without anyone being aware. I have a large group of stocks that I have on watch. After a while some of these stocks stall out and just trade sideways or don't really trade at all. When that happens we as traders take them off the watch list so we can focus more on the more active plays. Then every so often we pull these old tickers out and give them another look to see if they are still in sideways trading or?? Well today we checked up on an old play from YEARS ago that we had. Caladonia Mining CAL. When we last looked it was around 2 cents and hardly any trades. Today it was quite a shocker to see. Still trading light volumes but up about 4-500% from when we last looked. In fact it has doubled in the last 2 months alone.

Now Caldonia is a miner in Africa. Caldonia has a gold mine in Zimbabwe and has a couple of platinum projects in South Africa and also has a cobalt project. Years ago they were involved in diamonds. I can't remember if it was alluvial or kimberlite. That also was in Africa. Namibia I think?? Anyhow it maybe time to put this play back on the watch list.

Starting next month we hope to be more image friendly and will be using another type of chart for visuals. Also if you haven't done so yet, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. It's free and will be short and brief and to the point with news you may not get anywhere else.

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More Coal

In keeping with the coal trend here from yesterday, did everyone see Western Coal today? News out stating: Western Coal Corp. has entered into an exclusivity agreement with, and received a proposal regarding a strategic business combination from Walter Energy Inc., a leading United States producer and exporter of hard coking coal for the global steel industry.

So if you are wondering if the stock like that or not take a peek down below at that chart. The stock was up 32% or $3.47 to close the day out at $10.85. Ever wonder what they guy who sold yesterday is thinking today?

Now from yesterdays news we were caught off guard a bit on a spelling typo. We spelled Prophesy Resource wrong. Instead of the "S" in Prophesy, we typed in a "C". Thanks for the email that brought that to our attention.

Gold was up nice today but silver and palladium were up a whole lot nicer. The small uranium player we had below, Delta Uranium was also up a full cent to 6 cents. That's a two cent gain so far this week. Volume was just over the one million mark.

When The Markets Are Cold, Heat'em Up With COAL

Mongolian coal miner Prophesy Resource was hot again today. Up 12% to a new high of 1.23. They had news out a few days ago about their coal project. In the news they state that the 1.2-billion-tonne Chandgana coal project has been approved by the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and the Environment.

Of course we at JuniorMiners.com started watching this small company back in the spring of this year. What grabbed our attention was not so much the coal opportunities but their Okeover Property (copper-molybdenum) claims in BC. Being just outside of Powell River these claims interested us as it was a BC project.

Also today in gold stocks, Greystar Resources TSX-GSL was up 14% to 5.08. If you want to get in on these kind of plays where the action is only going to get hotter then maybe take a look at a subscription to the Midas Letter. These guys are good at picking winners in the mining game. In fact they are more than good. Their the best I've seen and being in the online mining business I've seen lots. They charge $40 a monthwhich is real cheap compared to some of the others. If your going trade or invest in TSX or Venture plays from now on this news letter is a must have.

If you haven't noticed, we have a sign up form to the right. This is for a newsletter we will be starting again. Our old newsletters sort of went by the wayside as we became pre-occupied with other mining projects. We are now looking at bringing that newsletter back as requested by some of our previous readers. Also there is no charge for this newsletter as some have written in asking.


Uranium stocks have been on a bit of tear lately. It's one of those commodities that sort of goes un-noticed especially when the metals like gold and silver are taking center stage. Uranium is kind of like diamonds. You just don't really hear that much about them unless you are one who follows them a lot. Now with prices up in the higher $50 range there is getting to be a bit more of "in the news" with these plays.

We followed a few plays in the uranium exploration sector a few years back. Juniors like Forum Uranium and Pure Point Uranium. Both of these players have land holdings in the Athabasca region of Saskatchewan which is world renowned for uranium. Forum also has land holdings in the Thelon Basin of Nunavut.

When it comes to uranium stocks right now there not many that are priced under 10 cents. There are quite a few around the 25 cent mark that do have upside potential. However we have stumbled onto a small player with more than one project on the go. Delta Uranium is starting to get a bit of activity in the trading end and is starting to see some heavier trading volumes. At 4-5 cents and under 50 mill shares, these are the small plays we like to get in on or at least put on our radar screen.

Big Drop In Gold & Everything Else

Quite the Friday. With everything in a tailspin and falling hard we here at junior miners were waiting on the sidelines hoping to pick up a few small plays. Although the metals were down the plays we were wanting to get a few more shares of were not.

Also in news this week we have a mining opportunity for those who wish to get into a real working mining show. The mine is in Peru and is looking for private investors. If you are one who wishes to invest in something other than stocks, bonds, ETF's, etc. here is something to look at. All indications still point to higher gold prices. For more information about this opportunity check out www.chazelcapital.com/invest.htm

Junior Miner Silver Watch

One of the stocks we watched for quite a while here was Silvermex Resources. We had them and Canaco in the same leaque. One being gold based and the other being silver. Both were priced about the same and both had a lot going for them. Of course we all know what happened to Canaco over Tanzania. If you don't know maybe you should pull a chart.
Anyhow Silvermex is starting to break out with the higher silver prices and of course the merger with Genco. Remember some of these small play don't stay small for long. Or at least small in price.

There are a lot of mining plays just like this one out there. During the weeks to come we are going to talk about a few small players over in Tanzania that are looking quite promising to deliver. These plays are with stocks that are still under the 25 cent price. One of these small plays just put out news about getting started with drilling.

In other news on the site we have a gold trommel for sale that just got listed in the classifieds as well as a mining concession in Peru. Things are really getting interesting here since gold has hit the $1400 mark. If you can't afford to buy any gold maybe try mining it yourself.

Junior Miner Stock Watch

Quick note here. BCGold hs formed a cup and handle and looks poised for a leg up. If metal prices hold firm or rise this week this stock could possibly see some upward motion.

There has been no news lately other than news of the completetion of a private placement. The private placement was over subscribed.

Gold Hits $1400 US

Well gold hit the $1400 mark today. Both silver and palladium did well also. For the junior miners who are on the hunt for metals they at least have good prices going forward.

With these metal prices going up like they are it feels good to be a gold and silver bull as it is the bulls that have the shorts on the run these days.

Back in March we mentioned here about a company called Northern Tiger getting some property in the Yukon. Well yesterday the company announced a significant new gold discovery at the 3Ace Property which is located in the southeast Yukon. This will be one to keep an eye out on. The stock has done extremely well since we first mentioned it back in March.
What brought this play to our attention back in the spring was of course the area but mostly a news article on cbc north that you can read right here...

For those writing in from time to time asking what stock is a good buy we are now recommending the Midas Letter as a way to weed through all the small junior companies. With over 1600 companies to choose from it is a daunting task even for us here at junior miners and we see and hear things almost on a daily basis. Subscriptions rates are just under $40 a month. Great analysts. See for yourself.

Big Upside Day

Great day for gold bulls. Silver ones too. Oh and don't forget about those palladium bulls. New highs all around.

Speaking of highs we mentioned the other day about a company called Hudson Resources that we were watching. They are the rare earth explorer over in Greenland. Anyhow their stock price was up a staggering .... get this, 31% today. It's not the yearly high but it it is heading back there.

We get emails from time to time asking how it is that we find these hot active mining plays. We tell them that if they would like to invest in some of these same active hot plays that are giving us 2 - 400% plus and returns, just sign up to the Midas Letter and get these hot money making pays dropped off on your lap. It's that simple. And get this, if you subscribe now and you'll be entered to win $100,000 in Gold Bullion. Click here to see some of the stock picks these folks have dished out so far this season and a chance at winning that $100,000 in bullion.

Two BC Mines. 1 Green Light. 1 Red Light

Two large deposits in BC that were under review have gotten notice in regards to go aheads. Terrane Metals project in the Mt. Milligan got a green light to proceed but the Taseko Prosperity project in the Cariboo Chilkotin area got a red light from federal departments.

Enviromental issues play an extremely large part in mine development these days. This is where being a junior miner can be a tough business to be in. One spend countless amounts of time and money on finding a deposit but then must gamble and hope that all the review boards etc. work in his/her favor.


Back in the spring we had posted a short video on the site here about the coming shortages of palladium. We even had it posted here on the home page. Of course since then the price of palladium has just sky rocketed from the low $400 range to the mid $600 range today.

Anyhow you can view that same Video Here.
In other news of interest regarding the website here, we saw over 7000 visitors last month.

Rare Earth Elements
About a year ago there was a lot of talk in the junior mining circles about rare earth elements and rare earth minerals. There was a lot of junior miners putting out press releases about themselves getting into these rare earth plays. Rare earths or REE's as they are sometimes known by became big news. A lot of that news seemed to hinge on the fact that China has about 90% of the worlds rare earths and is not exporting much.
Today that same news is out again in the New York Times about this global issue on rare earths. This may bode well for some juniors who are active in exploring the metals in other places. One such place of course is Greenland and one explorer we follow from time to time is Hudson Resources.

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